Tito Massoud: The Journey of a Hero Featured

By Gamal Khattab February 20, 2024 2176

Breeding and rearing 

Tito Massoud, the hero who fought for Palestinian independence. He was born in 1967 in the Jabalia camp in the Gaza Strip. His family was expelled from Deir Sneid after the Nakba in 1948. Tito grew up hearing about the struggle for freedom and justice. 

A difficult experience 

When Tito turned 20, a stone intifada began in his camp. He joined Hamas and began fighting against Israeli occupation. He participated in the activities, threw stones at monitors, and in 1987 even targeted Occupy Patrols.

Qassam candidate Tito Massoud 

Tito was known for his knowledge of mines and missiles. He helped develop the first Qassam missile, known as the "Qassam 1". He spent time in Israeli prisons but continued to fight for the freedom of his people. 

Military experience 

During the al-Aqsa intifada, Tito worked closely with the al-Qassam brigade. He was an expert in the manufacture of explosives and even accompanied the commander-in-chief on errands. 

The achievements 

Together with his friend Nidal Farhat, Tito built the first homemade rocket, "Al-Qassam 1". This was the beginning of local rocket development in Gaza. Their work helped provide much-needed weapons to Palestinian opposition groups. 

Assassinating Tito 

Tragically, Tito was killed by an Israeli helicopter in 2003. His courage and sacrifice will always be remembered by those fighting for justice and freedom.