Violence in Occupied Palestine didn't start on October 7th. Featured


There's a lot of talk about what's happening in Israel and Palestine right now, but it's important to understand the historical and current context to truly grasp the situation.

The Catastrophic Situation in Gaza

Just a few weeks ago, Palestinian groups visited Gaza and witnessed the catastrophic conditions there. Even before the recent war, Gaza was already facing immense challenges. It is one of the most densely populated areas in the world, with over two million people, mostly refugees, trapped within its borders.

Gaza has been under blockade for sixteen years, leading to a lack of basic necessities like clean water. Additionally, the population carries the trauma of previous Israeli bombings, which they haven't had a chance to process. The young people growing up in Gaza today have already survived five wars.

Since 2007, thousands of Gazans have been killed, tens of thousands injured, and over a hundred thousand have become homeless due to Israeli military actions. Homes, hospitals, schools, and vital infrastructure have been destroyed, leaving the people of Gaza with nowhere to escape.

Violence Against Civilians

Attacks on civilians are never justified, regardless of who commits them. Whether through direct violence or long-term repression, targeting civilians is a war crime and should never be justified. International law grants an occupied population the right to resist, even militarily, but this right does not include violence against civilians.

Israel's Obligations and Violations

As an occupying power, Israel has obligations under international law, one of which is to protect the civilian population during occupation. However, Israel has consistently ignored UN resolutions and international law, subjecting the Palestinian population to inhumane oppression.

The ongoing expulsion, land theft, settlement violence, human rights violations, and war crimes committed by Israel continue year after year. Palestinians are left to their fate, hoping for outside intervention that never seems to come.

A Call for Fairness and Peace

Palestinian groups are calling for the international community to apply international law equally to everyone. The actions taken now will have long-lasting consequences. Double standards must end, and a fair and peaceful solution should be the ultimate goal.

Irresponsible Statements and Unworthy Actions

Unfortunately, some European and American politicians have made irresponsible and ignorant statements that only fuel the already heated debate. They disregard facts, analysis, and international law. Some even advocate for collective punishment of the occupied population or cutting aid to Palestine.

It is unworthy that elected decision-makers choose to suspend not only Palestinian civil society organizations but also Swedish players involved in development cooperation in Palestine. Aid to Palestine supports vital humanitarian efforts and organizations working for peace, democracy, and human rights. In fact, assistance should increase during this time when a vibrant civil society is needed the most.

Lack of Support for Non-Violence Initiatives

EU countries have not only avoided supporting but actively opposed Palestinian non-violence initiatives, such as boycotts, disinvestment, and sanctions, as well as appeals to international courts and resolutions in the UN.

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