Haniyeh...These are historical moments Featured

By Gamal Khattab October 07, 2023 4402


 Haniyeh: "I am sure that all our people from east to west,  north to south and everywhere are part of the struggle to protect the place of the Prophet. This is not a time to wait and watch, and it is not only a time to win hearts, but also a time to win actions."

 Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the Hamas Politburo, said in a statement: "These are historical moments; a heroic epic entitled Al-Aqsa, our holy places and our prisoners. The central and fundamental reason for this is the criminal aggression against the blessed. Al-Aqsa. The Aqsa Mosque peaked in the last few days.

 He added: "Thousands of settlers desecrated the Prophet's shrine and offered their prayers there in preparation for the imposition of Zionist sovereignty on it. This is a move we had information about that he would impose sovereignty on the Al-Aqsa Mosque. If the world were silent, we would not be silent about this desecration."

 He remarked: "I am sure that all our people from east to west, north to south and everywhere will be part of the struggle to protect the mission of the Prophet. Now is not the time to wait and see. not only the time of victory of hearts but the victory of deeds."

 He explained: "The enemy besieging Gaza planned to surprise him and escalate the aggression against our people in the region. We are waging a battle of honour, resistance, and dignity to protect Al-Masra and Al-Aqsa under the title Al-Aqsa Flood proclaimed by Commander-in-Chief Abu Khaled Al-Deif. That flood began in Gaza and extends to the West Bank and abroad."