The Top Contenders in Senegal's Presidential Elections Featured

By Gamal Khattab March 20, 2024 3053

Unprecedented Elections in Senegal

Senegal is gearing up for presidential elections on March 24, following some political turmoil. President Macky Sall to start with postponed the elections, but the Constitutional Council deemed it unlawful and set a new date. The applicants had been busy campaigning, with lots of noise within the political arena.

Political Funding in Senegal

In Senegal, political events acquire financial help from the country to prevent secret funding and ensure fair access to marketing campaign budget. However, a recent poll showed that many people doubt the transparency of this investment. Parties additionally increase cash through membership charges and investments.

Key Election Issues

Candidates are focusing on vital issues like unemployment, healthcare, schooling, migration, low earning, financial development, natural resources, and financial coverage reform. These topics are relevant to their campaigns, whether or not they're from the ruling coalition, the opposition, or walking independently.

Top Candidates

  1. Amadou Ba

Amadou Ba, the ruling coalition candidate, is emphasizing process advent in his campaign. He guarantees to provide one million task possibilities and revolutionary applications for younger human beings. This is his first time walking for president.

        2. Khalifa Sall

Former Dakar mayor Khalifa Sall is that specialize in institutional reform and financial healing. He believes in revitalizing agriculture, fishing, farm animals, and adolescents education to reinforce the economic system.

        3. Anta Babakir Angum

Anta Babakir Angum, the simplest lady candidate, comes from the personal sector. She aims to address poverty, schooling, and health troubles in Senegal. Unemployment is a main situation for her, as many younger humans feel forced to depart the country.

         4. Idris Seck

Idris Seck has a record of changing political allegiances. He advocates for social justice and democracy in his campaign, criticizing the current administration's decisions.

         5. Muhammad bin Abdullah Dion

Muhammad bin Abdullah Dion, a former Prime Minister, is specializing in economic sovereignty and reconciliation. He has enjoy in worldwide organizations and ambitions to steer Senegal closer to monetary balance.

           6. Basseru Diomai Faye

Basseru Diomai Faye is a key parent within the competition, supported by way of Ousmane Sonoko. He requires reducing the president's powers in choose of the Prime Minister and making sure a clean separation of legislative and executive branches.

Source: Agencies