Afghanistan Honors Palestine with Mosque Modeled after Dome of Rock


Muslims around the World

Afghanistan celebrated Palestine by inaugurating a replica of the Dome of the Rock in Kabul. The mosque, funded by a Turkish charity, is named after Mullah Omar, the founder of the Taliban.

 This construction is part of a global wave of solidarity with Palestine and support for Gaza amid the Israeli aggression. The mosque symbolizes the strong bond between Muslims and serves as a tribute to the Palestinians.

The gilded dome stands prominently on a hill in Kabul, and its inauguration ceremony was attended by Taliban officials expressing their support.

Afghan Interior Minister Siraj al-Din Haqqani stated that the mosque represents the love of Muslims, especially Afghans, for Palestine.

Organizers expressed their happiness that the mosque resembles the original Dome of the Rock, emphasizing the importance of having such holy places in every Muslim country.