Appeal for Peace in Kirkuk

Head of Iraqi Turkmen Front Urges Endorsement of Certificate of Honor
An important appeal made by Hasan Turan, the head of the Iraqi Turkmen Front (ITF), to preserve peace in Kirkuk. Let's dive in!

Hasan Turan spoke to the press and highlighted the fact that Kirkuk has been a peaceful city for many years. He wants to make sure that no tensions or conflicts arise that could disrupt this peace. Turan believes that it's important for everyone to come together and discuss the present and future of the city.

Signing the Certificate of Honor
Turan is calling upon all political and community groups to sign a certificate of honor. This certificate is meant to protect coexistence, tranquility, and social harmony in Kirkuk. It's like a promise that everyone agrees to keep the peace and work together.

Turan also thinks that it's not fair for one group to make all the decisions for the city. He believes that all parties should have a say in how Kirkuk is governed. This way, everyone's voice is heard and considered.

Protests in Kirkuk
Recently, there have been protests in Kirkuk. This all started because the government decided to give control of a building called the Kirkuk Operations Command headquarters to the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). The KDP said that they used to have control of the building and wanted it back.

But this decision didn't sit well with everyone. Some people were upset and started protesting. Unfortunately, things got out of hand, and four people lost their lives, while 15 others got injured.

It's important to remember that in 2014, when the ISIS group emerged, the Peshmerga forces (who are affiliated with the Kurdish Regional Government) took over bases in Kirkuk that were abandoned by the Iraqi army. However, in 2017, the Iraqi government took back control of Kirkuk and the Peshmerga forces had to leave.

So, that's the situation in Kirkuk right now. Hasan Turan wants everyone to come together, sign the certificate of honor, and work towards peace and harmony in the city. Let's hope that everyone listens and takes his appeal seriously!