100 European Academics Condemn Genocide in Gaza

By Gamal Khattab March 13, 2024 127

Concerns Over Genocide

Around 100 European academics have spoken out against the genocide being carried out by Israel against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip. They are deeply troubled by the deliberate destruction of both the physical and cultural aspects of the Palestinian population, including the targeting of educational institutions in the area.

Impact on Education

The academics are alarmed by the disruption of the educational process in Gaza, with an estimated 70% of universities and colleges being partially or completely destroyed. This will have long-term consequences for the region.

Call for Action

The petition calls for attention to be brought to the genocide in Gaza and for efforts to be made to stop it. The academics are urging for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions that are complicit in the atrocities being committed in the region.

Financial Impact

The destruction of educational institutions in Gaza is estimated to cost around $720 million, according to the International Monetary Fund. This has had a devastating impact on students and educators in the area.

Legal Ramifications

The petition is part of advocacy efforts to stop the aggression against Gaza. Academics hope to pressure higher education institutions in their countries to take a stand against the targeting of education in the conflict between Palestinians and the Israeli occupation.

Ongoing Aggression

The Israeli occupation army has been attacking Gaza for 158 days, resulting in numerous casualties and widespread destruction. The region is facing a humanitarian crisis due to the ongoing conflict.

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