Eliminating UNRWA Has Become One of the Israeli Goals On Gaza: International Press Featured

By Gamal Khattab February 05, 2024 941


Israel's Targeting of UNRWA

International newspapers have been closely following the Israeli occupation war on the Gaza Strip. They have highlighted Israel's targeting of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) and its efforts to create a buffer zone within the besieged Strip. Unfortunately, there has been a major blackout on information about the conditions in Gaza.

Eliminating UNRWA

The Financial Times quoted the Commissioner-General of UNRWA, Philippe Lazzarini, who stated that eliminating the agency has become one of the goals of the Israeli war. Lazzarini emphasized that he will continue in his position as long as UNRWA can support people and convey the voice of Palestinian refugees.

Allegations and Lack of Evidence

Lazzarini also mentioned that while UNRWA takes allegations seriously, Israel has not provided any evidence regarding the involvement of its employees in the attack on October 7. He added, "Perhaps we will pay the price for raising our voice in drawing attention to the plight of the UNRWA and the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding before our eyes."

Information Blackout

The Liberation newspaper analyzed the situation and pointed out that Israel has deprived the foreign press of access to Gaza. They have also forced the local press to work in horrific conditions, resulting in a massive information blackout in the besieged strip.

Creating a Buffer Zone

The Telegraph newspaper conducted an analysis of satellite images, revealing that Israel has destroyed over a thousand buildings in the border areas of the Gaza Strip since October 7. These images clearly show a wide line, at least a kilometer wide, behind the security fence separating Israel and the Strip. Israel is accused of seeking to create a buffer zone within the Gaza Strip, despite opposition from its allies in the West.

Protests and Delayed Retaliation

The New York Times reported on the presence of angry demonstrators protesting Israel's war on Gaza in front of the residence of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. These protests have become regular, with some participants staging sit-ins and setting up tents. Additionally, Le Figaro newspaper highlighted the delay in US President Joe Biden's retaliation for the killing of American soldiers in Jordan. The newspaper suggested that the sensitive negotiations between Israel and Hamas may be a reason for the wait-and-see approach, as escalating violence could complicate the talks.

Source: Al Jazeera