Role of Qatar in Releasing American Detainees in Gaza

By Gamal Khattab October 23, 2023 2127


Qatar Steps In

The New York Times recently published a report about how Qatar played a crucial role in the release of two American detainees in Gaza. The report revealed that Qatar acted as a mediator between the United States and Hamas, the group holding the detainees.

Talks and Negotiations

After Hamas launched an attack on Israel, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke with President Trump and discussed the issue of the American detainees with Qatar's Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani. Diplomats hoped that Qatar could help mediate the situation, and that's exactly what happened.

Over the next two weeks, American and Qatari officials, along with representatives from other countries, engaged in careful talks and negotiations to secure the release of the detainees. Qatar played a major role in making this happen.

Gratitude to Qatar

When Hamas finally released the two detainees, the first thing American officials did was express their gratitude to Qatar for their assistance.

A Risky Situation

Intelligence experts believe that Hamas had divided the hostages into small groups and separated Israeli soldiers from civilians. Rescuing captured soldiers in such a situation is extremely risky and dangerous. Negotiations continued frantically among the group of countries involved.

The report also mentioned that Israel refused to negotiate with Hamas and instead mobilized its military forces near the Gaza border, preparing for a potential large-scale invasion.

Humanitarian Reasons

Hamas leaders stated that they released the mother and daughter detainees for "humanitarian reasons." This decision was welcomed by American officials who had been in close contact with Qatar throughout the crisis.

Conditions for Release

Hamas made it clear that they would not release any Israeli soldiers until an agreement was reached to release Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons. While this message was conveyed to the Israelis, they have not yet agreed to consider any of Hamas' proposals.

Qatar's Influence

Qatar has a history of helping in difficult situations like these, which has given the country significant influence on the international stage.


Source: New York Times