Firefighters battling blazes across Greece Featured

A community on Greece’s largest peninsula was evacuated Monday after a fire broke out in a nearby forest, according to the firefighting service.

Around 65 firefighters, teams on foot, 18 fire engines, two water-dropping helicopters and four firefighting aircraft are currently battling the blaze in Messinia -- the third blaze to hit the Peloponnese in just a few days.

Meanwhile, two more fires erupted in the Fthiotida prefecture, central Greece, in the afternoon, according to the fire brigade.

The first fire broke out near the village of Lefkada in western Fthiotida.

According to local media, the fire was quickly contained by firefighters and two aircraft, local volunteers, and residents.

Just a few minutes later, a second fire broke out in a forest area near the village of Loggitsi, on the east side of Fthiotida.

Firefighting teams are currently in the area battling the blaze with the help of aircraft and helicopters.

Local media have reported very strong winds in the area, while very high temperatures were also reported at the time the fire broke out.

A fire that broke out Sunday on the island of Rhodes and burned several hectares of forest has been abating, according to firefighters, with professionals and volunteers alike battling the blaze overnight./aa