Strong wildfire threatens city in North Macedonia Featured

SKOPJE, North Macedonia

A strong wildfire has appeared on a mountain above a city in the eastern part of North Macedonia, according to images on social media.

In images and videos posted on social media by residents of the city of Kochani, some 100 kilometers (62 miles) east of the capital Skopje, the fire can be seen, and even appears to have engulfed some houses along the slope.

Local media quoted Nikolcho Iliev, the mayor of Kochani, saying there is a "great danger to the city from three sides." He also asked for institutions to take action to bring the fire under control.

"Some houses have already been engulfed (by fire), close to the city there is a forest that is engulfed (by fire),” he said.

“It is spreading in an indefinite direction, actually in the direction of the wind,” he added./aa