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Al-Hayat Charity Congratulates Kuwait on National Occasions

Hey everyone! Al-Hayat Charity Society wants to give a big shoutout to the leaders and people of Kuwait on their National Day and Liberation Day. They're sending good vibes and prayers for Kuwait to stay safe and happy.

“Way to You, Gaza” Marathon

Guess what? Al-Hayat Charity Society recently organized a marathon called “Way to You, Gaza” with the help of some awesome volunteers. People of all ages came together to run and show support for Gaza.

Why the Marathon?

Dr. Khaled Al-Shatti, from Al-Hayat Charity Society, said that Kuwaitis care a lot about their friends in Gaza. The marathon was a way to show solidarity and support for the people of Gaza. It was a fun event for families and young people to come together and spread love.

Supporting Palestine

Al-Hayat Charity Society has been helping out in Gaza by sending supplies and support. They've even sent 5 flights of aid, including tons of dates and tents for the displaced people. They're also providing food and meals to those in need.

“Hofath”: Helping Thousands in Need

Another awesome group, Hofath, is doing great things too! They're helping over 210,000 people with Quranic and humanitarian projects in Kuwait and 15 other countries. They're building mosques, printing Qur’ans, and providing water, food, and livelihood support to those in need.

Kuwait International Story Writing Competition

Exciting news! The sixth Kuwait International Children’s Story Writing Competition is starting soon. It's all about encouraging kids to get creative and share their stories. This competition is part of Kuwait's efforts to promote volunteerism and charitable work among children.

Encouraging Endowment and Charitable Work

The General Secretariat of Endowments has just launched the Kuwait International Children’s Story Competition, focusing on endowment, charitable, and volunteer work. This is the sixth edition of the competition, and it is being held under the patronage of Faisal Al-Gharib, the Minister of Justice, Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, and Chairman of the Endowment Affairs Council.

During a press conference, Nasser Mohammed Al-Hamad, the Acting Secretary-General of the Secretariat, highlighted the importance of the competition in promoting awareness about endowment and its role in serving society. The competition aims to educate children about endowment, volunteerism, and charitable work, while also nurturing their talents in storytelling.

Previous editions of the competition have seen a significant number of participants from various countries. The Secretariat hopes to continue spreading the concept of endowment and charitable work among children to instill Islamic and moral values.

Providing Support in Times of Need

Kuwait has initiated the establishment of a field hospital in Rafah, located in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. The hospital aims to accommodate the growing number of wounded, injured, and sick individuals in the area.

The hospital, spanning 1,300 square meters and situated near the Kuwaiti Hospital, is being constructed with the support of Kuwaiti, Arab, and international charitable organizations. It will offer various services, including overnight and emergency departments, ambulance stations, and new departments such as surgical and maternity units.

The Director of the Kuwait Specialized Hospital, Suhaib Al-Hams, emphasized the importance of providing medical support to the people of Rafah, especially in the face of potential ground invasions by the Israeli occupation army. The hospital aims to strengthen the Palestinian community and combat health system challenges.

Namaa Charity Celebrates Kuwait National Days

In honor of Kuwait National Days, Namaa Charity and the Social Reform Society have unveiled a series of cultural and documentary publications that showcase Kuwait’s rich history and cultural significance. Abdulaziz Al-Kandari, the head of the Communications and Information Technology Sector, announced two new publications: “Our Souls, Our Walls” and “The Story of a Homeland.”

“Our Souls, Our Walls” delves into Kuwait’s history of building walls as a symbol of its peaceful policies and commitment to security and stability. The publication traces the construction of various walls throughout Kuwait’s history, highlighting their role in safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

From the first wall built in 1756 AD to the trenches separating Kuwait and Iraq after the liberation of Kuwait in 1991 AD, the publication chronicles the evolution of Kuwait’s defensive structures and their significance in the country’s development.