Kuwait in a Week: Citizens' Priorities and Winter Aid Featured

By Gamal Khattab February 07, 2024 899


Kuwaiti Government Seeks Citizens' Input


The Kuwaiti government wants to know what its citizens think. They have launched a questionnaire through the "Sahl" application to find out what people's priorities are for the next government work program. This is a way for citizens to participate and have a say in the decision-making process.

Parliamentary Reactions

Some members of parliament have different opinions about the questionnaire. Representative Fares Al-Otaibi believes that the government should not delay discussing laws that affect citizens' lives. MP Badr Sayyar Al-Shammari thinks it's insulting to ask people about improving their standard of living because the government should already know about their struggles. Representative Fahd Al-Masoud supports citizen involvement in decision-making but believes that all priorities are important and should not be divided or postponed.

Expert Opinions

Academic Dr. Muhammad Al-Matar thinks the government already knows what the people's priorities are and that the questionnaire is a waste of time. Writer Salah Al-Hashem believes that the questionnaire is a good idea if the government is sincere about reform, but corruption should be the top priority.

IICO Provides Winter Aid for Those in Need

The International Islamic Charitable Organization is providing urgent winter aid to people in 15 countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe. With the help of generous donors, they have already assisted over 48,000 beneficiaries.

Distribution of Winter Bags

The Charitable Organization has distributed 9,396 winter bags to needy families, costing a total of 296,498 Kuwaiti dinars. These bags contain winter clothing, blankets, food, and heating materials. The aid is distributed through 33 partner agencies, including the organization's foreign offices in Jordan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.

Impact of Winter Aid

Winter aid plays a crucial role in meeting the basic needs of vulnerable communities. It brings joy to their hearts and helps prevent diseases caused by severe cold. The beneficiary countries include Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Pakistan, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Kazakhstan.

Targeting Communities in Need

The campaign focuses on camps and gatherings of displaced persons and refugees who face extreme winter conditions due to climate change. The International Islamic Charitable Organization aims to draw attention to the suffering caused by climate fluctuations and provide support to those affected in poor and vulnerable communities.

Call for Continued Support

The organization urges donors to continue supporting those affected by climate-related disasters and conflicts, especially in the Gaza Strip. They express gratitude to all donors and supporters who have shown compassion and solidarity, emphasizing the importance of unity and support in times of need.

"Ghaith Volunteer Team" Provides Urgent Relief in Gaza

Last week, the "Ghaith Volunteer Team" partnered with Namaa Charity to provide relief aid to families in the Gaza Strip who were affected by the recent bombings. Many families lost their homes and some even lost their sole breadwinner. The team distributed 200 parcels of milk, medical diapers, and women's needs. They also provided clothing for 417 children in shelter centers and set up a food table that fed 2,500 people over 5 days. Additionally, they gave 32 tents to displaced families.

Shamlan Al-Kandari, the Director of External Projects, explained that these interventions were part of their humanitarian duty to alleviate the suffering of those affected in Gaza. The team plans to continue providing support in the coming weeks as well. Al-Kandari emphasized the importance of cooperation between philanthropists and official authorities in Kuwait to help ease the burden of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Hofath Helps Orphans and the Needy in Northern Syria

The Kuwaiti Charitable Society (Hofath) is carrying out its "Warm Winter" project in northern Syria. As part of this project, they have been distributing winter aid, including winter clothes, to orphans and needy families.

Eng. Ahmed Al-Murshed, the Vice Chairman of the Association's Board of Directors, expressed gratitude for the support from charitable people in Kuwait. He mentioned that the society has already distributed winter clothes to 4,000 beneficiaries. This initiative aims to alleviate the suffering caused by the extreme cold weather in northern Syria.

Al-Murshed highlighted the challenges faced by those in need during the winter season. Due to the lack of resources, they struggle to protect their children, women, and elderly from the freezing temperatures. The winter aid provided by Hofath is a way to show solidarity and compassion towards those in need.

The guide called on philanthropists to continue supporting Hofath's charitable and humanitarian campaigns. Donations can be made through the Kuwaiti Charitable Society (Hofath) website at hofath.org.


Source: AlMujtama