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By Gamal Khattab February 01, 2024 743

Kuwaiti Parliamentarians Call for Cancellation of National Celebrations in Solidarity with Gaza

Parliamentarians Demand Solidarity with Gaza

A group of Kuwaiti parliamentarians has urged the government to cancel the national celebrations of Independence Day and Liberation Day on February 25 and 26. They believe that canceling these celebrations will show support and solidarity with the people of Gaza.

Strong Position Against Zionist Entity

Representative Dr. Falah Al-Hajri expressed his pride in Kuwait's strong stance against the criminal Zionist entity. However, he criticized any decision that contradicts this position, considering it a betrayal of the Palestinian cause. He highlighted the suffering of the people of Gaza, who have faced bombardment and lost thousands of lives.

Continuing Genocidal Crimes

MP Mutee Al-Azmi emphasized that the genocidal crimes committed by the Zionist entity against the people of Gaza are ongoing. He called for the continuation of the decision to cancel celebrations out of respect for the feelings of the people of Gaza and in honor of their martyrs.

Parties Inappropriate Amidst Tragedy

Representative Muhammad Hayef Al-Mutairi argued that holding parties and concerts, which include legal violations, is not appropriate considering the tragedy unfolding in Gaza. He emphasized the importance of unity and compassion among believers and criticized the division and weak sense of belonging to the nation.

Global Silence and Disappointing Parties

Representative Adel Al-Damkhi praised Kuwait's proactive and principled position against the genocide in Gaza. He expressed disappointment in the global silence regarding the ongoing atrocities. Al-Damkhi questioned the appropriateness of holding parties when blood is flowing in Gaza.

Appeal to Officials and Citizens

Imam and preacher Faisal Al-Jassem questioned the morality of holding concerts amidst the destruction and killing in Gaza. He called on officials, including the Minister of Information, to consider the concerns of the people of Gaza and prevent such events out of solidarity. He urged Kuwaiti citizens to strive to stop the celebrations as well.

Moral and Civilizational Gain

Former member of the National Assembly, Jamaan Al-Harbash, stated that banning parties in solidarity with Gaza is not only a gain for Gaza but also a moral and civilizational gain for Kuwait. He emphasized the Kuwaiti people's morals, chivalry, and conscience, which reject celebrating while the people of Gaza are being subjected to extermination.

Continued Aggression and Solidarity

Writer Saadia Mufreh highlighted that the Council of Ministers had previously directed the Ministry of Information to stop artistic celebrations in solidarity with the Palestinian people. She noted that this directive should still be in effect as the aggression against Gaza continues.

Aggression and Humanitarian Crisis

Since October, the Israeli occupation army has been aggressively targeting the Gaza Strip with support from the US and Europe. They have bombed hospitals, buildings, towers, and civilian homes, causing destruction and preventing the entry of essential supplies like water, food, medicine, and fuel.


"Teach Me and Allah Will Reward You" Project Launched by Namaa Charity

Namaa Charity and the "Teach Me and Allah Will Pay you" Project

  Namaa Charity, along with the Social Reform Society, has just announced the launch of a cool project called "Teach Me and Allah Will Pay you ." This project is all about helping students who can't afford to pay their school fees for the 2023-2024 academic year. Namaa Charity is teaming up with the Endowment Funds Department to make this happen. They want to make sure that every student has the chance to get an education, especially those who are unable to pay for it themselves.

Why is This Project Important?

Abdulaziz Al-Kandari, the Head of the Communications and Information Technology Sector, thinks this project is super important. He believes that education is a top priority, and Namaa Charity agrees. They want to make sure that no student has to drop out of school because they can't afford it. They want to give every student the opportunity to learn and succeed. Plus, they want to help families who are struggling financially by paying for their children's education.

Helping Students in Need

Al-Kandari knows that there are many students out there who are really smart and have big dreams, but they can't continue their studies because of money problems. It's really sad to see these students have to leave school and miss out on their education. Namaa Charity wants to change that. They want to help these students by paying their school fees so they can go back to school and have a chance at a better future.

Education is Key

Education is super important, and Namaa Charity knows it. They believe that education is the foundation for a successful life and a better society. It's heartbreaking to see students being expelled from private schools just because they can't afford to pay their tuition fees. Namaa Charity wants to make sure that every student has the opportunity to learn and grow.

Caring for Needy Students

Namaa Charity is all about caring for humanity, especially students who are in need, orphans, and those with limited income. They want to make sure that every student has a chance to succeed, regardless of their financial situation. They have helped many students in the past, and they believe that education is the key to building a better future for everyone.


Al-Rahma International Wins First Place in Electronic Leadership


  Al-Rahma International Society just won first place in the Uncle "Khaled Al-Issa Al-Saleh" Award for Charitable Excellence! They won this award because of their awesome "Goodness Mail" initiative. The award ceremony was held by the Union of Kuwaiti Charitable Societies and Organizations, and the Minister of Affairs Sheikh Firas Al-Saud Al-Sabah was there too. How cool is that?

Al-Rahma International's Digital Transformation

Dr. Adnan Al-Haddad, the Deputy Director General for Communications, Marketing, and Information Technology Affairs at Al-Rahma International, explained that the association has been working really hard to use technology to make their charitable projects better. They want to communicate with donors and keep up with modern technology. They also want to make sure that their work is transparent and of high quality. This way, they can show the world how awesome Kuwaiti giving is!

The Importance of Awards

Dr. Al-Haddad thinks that awards like this one are super important. They encourage different charitable organizations to compete and improve. They also help inspire others and show them how to be successful. It's all about working together and making the world a better place!

Thanking the Federation of Charitable Societies and Foundations

Dr. Al-Haddad ended his speech by thanking the Federation of Charitable Societies and Foundations for organizing the award. He also thanked them for supporting all the charitable organizations and their efforts to help people in need, both in Kuwait and around the world. How nice!


The International Islamic Charity Organization Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Islamic Development Bank

The International Islamic Charity Organization just signed a memorandum of understanding with the Islamic Development Bank. They signed this agreement during the second meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Tamkeen Jerusalem Fund. This is all about helping the Palestinian people. How amazing is that?

Supporting the Palestinian People

The Chairman of the Charitable Organization, Dr. Abdullah Al-Maatouq, and the Director General of the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development, Dr. Heba Ahmed, signed the agreement. They were joined by important people like the Minister of Justice and Minister of Endowments for Islamic Affairs, Counselor Faisal Al-Gharib, and His Royal Highness Prince Turki Al-Faisal bin Abdulaziz. They all want to work together to support the Palestinian society. How awesome!

Dr. Al-Maatouq's Speech

Dr. Al-Maatouq talked about how important it is to support the Palestinian people, especially during these tough times. He praised their bravery and said that the Charitable Organization will keep providing them with help and support. He also mentioned the great support they receive from His Highness Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. His Highness is always there to help and guide them in their charitable work. How kind!

Partnership with the Islamic Development Bank

Dr. Al-Maatouq also talked about the partnership between the Charitable Organization and the Islamic Development Bank. They have been working together for almost 40 years! This partnership is really important because it helps them achieve their goals of helping people and making the world a better place. They want to support the Palestinian people in education, development, economics, and more. How amazing is that?

The memorandum of understanding between the Charitable Organization and the Islamic Development Bank is a big step towards helping the Palestinian people. They want to make sure that everyone has access to education, development, and a better life. It's all about working together and making a difference!

"Namaa Charity" Provides Urgent Relief to Rohingya Refugees

Urgent Relief for Rohingya Refugees

There is a humanitarian crisis happening in the Coxs Bazar area in Bangladesh, specifically affecting the Rohingya refugees. To help these people in need, Namaa Charity, a delegation from the Social Reform Society, has taken action. The delegation consists of Khaled Mubarak Al-Shammari, the Director of the Relief Department, and Walid Al-Kandari, the Director of the Public Relations Department. They have implemented urgent relief projects, such as distributing food baskets, building homes for those who lost theirs in fires, and providing clothing.

Distributing Clothing and Opening a Residential Village

Khaled Mubarak Al-Shammari, the Director of the Relief Department at Namaa Charity, shared some details about their relief efforts. They have started their relief program in Bangladesh by distributing clothing to over 300 families. Additionally, they have given out 500 blankets to more than 250 families and provided clothing to over 260 orphans in an orphanage. The delegation has also opened a residential village that includes 200 houses, a mosque, a school, and a well. They are working in partnership with other humanitarian organizations to make all of this possible.

Helping Refugees in Dire Need

Namaa Charity's main goal is to continue helping the Rohingya refugees who are facing extremely difficult conditions. These people were forced to leave their homes and cities, which were burned down. They are in desperate need of assistance to ease their suffering, heal their wounds, and provide them with food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare. The recent developments have made their situation even more challenging, and Namaa Charity aims to be there for them.

The Tragic Situation of Rohingya Refugees

Walid Al-Kandari, the Director of the Public Relations Department, expressed his concern for the Rohingya refugees. He mentioned that 5,000 refugees, including 3,500 children, lost their homes in a fire that occurred in Camp No. 5 in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, earlier this year. The living conditions for these refugees are tragic. They struggle to find food, live in unhealthy environments, and suffer from various diseases due to malnutrition and lack of medicine.

Partnerships for Humanitarian Work

Namaa Charity is committed to its strategic vision of forming partnerships with donor institutions and organizations to support those in need. These partnerships are crucial for achieving sustainable development goals in Kuwaiti charitable work. Walid Al-Kandari expressed his gratitude to all humanitarian workers and asked for God's blessings upon them for their support, both within and outside of Kuwait.

Source: Al-Mujtama