Kuwait's IICO's Missions, Aims and Activities Featured

The International Islamic Charitable Organization (IICO) is a prominent non-profit organization that operates on an international scale, providing humanitarian aid and support to individuals and communities in need. The IICO has been recognized for its contribution to the alleviation of poverty, healthcare provision, educational initiatives, and sustainable development projects across the globe.

The IICO was founded in 1984 in Kuwait with the objective of promoting the teachings of Islam through charitable activities. It operates under the umbrella of the Islamic Shura Council, which comprises established Muslim scholars, philanthropists, and intellectuals. The organization is committed to addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by underprivileged communities globally, irrespective of their religious or cultural backgrounds.

  Missions and Aims

 The primary mission of the IICO is to alleviate poverty and improve the quality of life for the disadvantaged. To achieve this objective, the organization relies on a comprehensive approach that encompasses healthcare, education, capacity building, infrastructure development, and emergency relief. By integrating these elements, the IICO aims to create sustainable solutions that empower communities and enable them to become self-sufficient.

The organization’s primary aim is to help people in need, regardless of their race, religion, or nationality. The IICO’s activities are guided by the principles of Islam, which emphasize the importance of helping those who are less fortunate.

Key Strategies

One of the key strategies employed by the IICO is the establishment of partnerships and collaborations with governments, NGOs, and other charitable organizations. These alliances ensure that the organization can leverage resources, expertise, and networks, thereby maximizing its impact. By coordinating efforts and pooling resources, the IICO can tackle complex challenges more effectively and efficiently.

Numerous Noteworthy Projects

Through its extensive network of field offices and volunteers, the IICO has implemented numerous noteworthy projects worldwide. For instance, the organization has played a pivotal role in building schools and educational facilities in impoverished regions, offering access to quality education to thousands of children who would have otherwise been marginalized. These initiatives have not only improved literacy rates but also empowered individuals to break the cycle of poverty and contribute to their communities.


The IICO has also made significant contributions to healthcare provision, particularly in underserved regions. By establishing medical centers, clinics, and hospitals, the organization has provided access to vital healthcare services to populations lacking adequate resources or infrastructure. These facilities cater to a diverse range of medical needs, including primary healthcare, maternal and childcare, and emergency services.


The impact of the IICO's activities can be measured in terms of improved living conditions, enhanced access to education, reduced poverty rates, and increased healthcare opportunities. The organization's endeavors have had a transformative effect on countless lives, instilling hope, dignity, and resilience within communities. Moreover, its commitment to sustainability ensures that beneficiaries are equipped with the necessary tools and skills to thrive independently in the long run.

Looking ahead, the IICO plans to expand its reach and deepen its impact through innovative approaches and strategic partnerships. The organization recognizes the evolving nature of global challenges and remains responsive to emerging needs. By harnessing advancements in technology, adopting evidence-based practices, and promoting local ownership of projects, the IICO aims to advance its mission, thereby positively impacting the lives of even more individuals in the future.

Some of its most notable projects include:

  1. Providing aid to Syrian refugees in Jordan: The IICO has been providing aid to Syrian refugees in Jordan since the start of the Syrian conflict. The organization has been providing food, shelter, and medical assistance to refugees, as well as supporting education programs for children.
  2. Supporting education programs in Somalia: The IICO has been supporting education programs in Somalia since 1992. The organization has been building schools, providing educational materials, and training teachers to improve the quality of education in the country.
  3. Providing healthcare services to people affected by conflict in Yemen: The IICO has been providing healthcare services to people affected by conflict in Yemen since 2015. The organization has been providing medical assistance, including surgeries and vaccinations, as well as supporting health centers and hospitals.

In conclusion, the International Islamic Charitable Organization is a globally recognized non-profit entity committed to the advancement of vulnerable communities worldwide. Its holistic approach to humanitarian aid, sustainable development, and capacity building has positioned it as a leading force in the realm of charitable organizations. Through collaborations, notable projects, and a commitment to sustainability, the IICO has left an indelible mark on countless lives. As it continues to adapt to emerging challenges and embrace new opportunities, the IICO remains a beacon of hope and resilience for those in need.