Charities in Kuwait Featured

By Mohsen Hebtullah September 21, 2023 4896

Charity is an important part of Kuwaiti culture. There are many different charities operating in Kuwait, both local and international. These charities provide a wide range of services to those in need, including food, shelter, healthcare, education, and financial assistance.

Some of the most well-known charities in Kuwait include:

International Islamic Charitable Organization (IICO): IICO is one of the largest humanitarian organizations in Kuwait. It has been providing aid to people in need for over 30 years and has a presence in over 40 countries around the world. IICO's work includes providing food, shelter, healthcare, education, and financial assistance to refugees, displaced persons, and those affected by natural disasters and wars.

Shaik Abdullah Al Nouri Charitable Society: This charity aims to help the poor and needy, regardless of their nationality or religion. It provides support to orphans, widows, and the elderly, as well as those affected by natural disasters and wars. The society also provides financial assistance to students, helps to build mosques and schools, and provides medical care to the needy.

Kuwait Zakat House: Kuwait Zakat House is a government organization that collects and distributes Zakat funds to those in need. Zakat is an obligatory form of charity in Islam that is calculated based on an individual's personal wealth. The funds collected by Kuwait Zakat House are used to provide food, shelter, healthcare, education, and financial assistance to the poor and needy.

Operation HOPE: Operation HOPE is a grassroots humanitarian outreach program motivated by compassion to alleviate suffering in Kuwait. They provide support to those in the greatest of need through the distribution of gently-used clothing, toiletries, blankets, bedrolls, and foodstuff to embassy shelters, farmhands in need of shoes, blankets, and food at Kuwait’s borders, local jails to deliver blankets and toiletries for detainees, and more.

Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital (KACCH): KACCH advocates for the provision of optimal conditions for children and their families in the hospital to reduce the adverse effects of hospitalization on their development and well-being. Volunteers contribute in many different ways such as playing with the children in the hospital, decorating the pediatric wards for a child-friendly environment, helping in the office, or at fundraising events.

Equait Kuwait: Equait Kuwait is a youth-driven organization founded and run by Faisal Al Fuhaid and Leanah Al-Awadhi. It works by promoting social equality and respect toward Kuwaiti residents from all walks of life. They aim to make Kuwait a more open and accepting environment through events like the Model United Nations, food rallies, and walkathons.

These are just a few of the many charities operating in Kuwait. There are charities that focus on a variety of causes, including education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and disaster relief.