Palestine: Three Men (1 - 2) Featured

By Mahmoud Mohamed Shakir May 21, 2024 3240


I'd like to present before you these words, two essential ones:

First: I implore God to cleanse our hearts from cowardice, timidity, and stinginess, and to strengthen us with patience and fortitude, and to lift from us His wrath and displeasure. For jihad in His path has been ordained upon us to the extent of our capability. I urge every writer and reader to repent to God for any sin accrued by their hands, hearts, or tongues, so they may engage in jihad with purity and determination, undistracted by worldly matters from defending the truth.

Second: I have written about Arab issues and Palestine, always mentioning Islam and advocating for it alongside the Christians of the East, for they are part of us and from among ourselves. They have what we have and bear what we bear. I saw that the Christians of Syria and Iraq had exerted efforts in Arab causes that testified to the sincerity of their intentions and their unyielding loyalty. They are an integral part of the Arab and Islamic world. I feared that the Copts of Egypt might hesitate to openly participate in the Arab and Muslim jihad for Palestine. However, I testify before God today that the Copts of Egypt have filled the hearts of Arabs and Muslims with joy and admiration for them, and they are keen on their affection in a manner that will not allow for any deceit, scheming, or betrayal henceforth. It is not permissible for any Muslim or Arab to doubt or question the nobility of these brethren who supported us in times of adversity, not driven to this support by desire or fear.

And I shall inscribe in this discourse the exploits of two men for the Christians, for they stood in jihad in a manner that obligates us to immortalize their memory in the history of Arabs and Muslims. There is no way to repay these men except by elevating their memory in this hour and for eternity, for they unequivocally thwarted all wickedness from the demons of dirty politics emanating from Europe and America, and from the despicable Zionist devils.

The first is the venerable Sheikh Al-Ghalil Al-Sadeq, His Holiness Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Pope Yousab. Muslims and Arabs gathered in Al-Azhar Mosque on Friday, 22nd of Muharram 1367 A.H. People were astonished by the arrival of Father Matias Al-Antoni, his secretary, representing his holiness, along with his brethren from the heads of the Copts in Egypt: Father Girgis Ibrahim, head of the Coptic Orthodox Church; Father Abdel-Masih Saad; and Father Morqos Gali. These honourable four entered the mosque during the Friday congregation, representing his holiness the Pope in bearing witness to this momentous day and delivering their sermon to the people in this mosque, participating in the largest Islamic conference in Egypt. This unequivocally indicates that his holiness Pope Yousab is a man illuminated by truth, endowed with wisdom, sincerity, and integrity in his religion and character, making his actions a trust upon the neck of every Muslim and Arab. He protects it, defends it, cherishes and honours its bearers in all our affairs, public and private. He did so willingly and without hesitation, signifying that he is a sincere politician, fully aware of all the surrounding evils of Zionist corruption, and refusing to sow discord between the Copts of Egypt and its Muslims.

Before this great pope stood firm, he thwarted the British scheme in their tracks, in the incident of Zagazig, which Britain orchestrated to sow discord between Muslims and Copts. Were it not for the wisdom of this nobleman, this vile incident could have ignited the flames of discord, as Britain did before, causing division among the nation, turning some against others.

We thank God for bestowing upon our Coptic brethren a man like this noble pope, who stands as a vigilant guardian over his nation and ours, thwarting every plot against them. As long as there are men like him among the Copts, Muslims and Arabs alike need not hesitate to exert their utmost efforts in defending their brethren, protecting them, and repelling anything that might harm them. As long as there remains on this earth a Muslim who believes in God, His angels, His messengers, and the Last Day, this debt is owed to the Copts. We ask God to grant us the ability to repay this debt, even if they refuse to accept any reward for these heroic deeds.

As for the other man, like his companion, his heart shines with the light of sincerity and faith. He spoke openly, alarming "the Jewish officials in the city of Alexandria," meaning the Jews of Egypt. A group of them approached, seeking to dissuade this noble man from broadcasting his speech. He responded that he spoke only what he believed to be a truthful and sound statement, not an intrusion of religion into politics. He meant to protect the sacred heritage of Christianity and spoke from a place of belief and faith in what he said. This nobleman is his holiness Pope Christoforus II, Patriarch of Alexandria and Africa for the Orthodox Romans.

It is reported that his holiness, the Pope of the Romans, was astonished by the establishment of two states in Palestine, and he was also astonished that America and the Soviet Union were the ones advocating for this division. He said, "It's truly bewildering that the United States would pursue such a bold attempt despite the clear historical evidence of the folly and danger of this idea. They should learn from the mistakes of Emperor Julian of Rome. How could they even consider entrusting the protection of the sacred Christian lands to those who have always harbored the desire, whether as groups or individuals, to see the day when the mention of Christ fades away? Can anyone imagine the Jews as guardians and protectors of these holy places when they would surely desecrate them once they gain sovereignty over them?"

"Furthermore, it's evident that the Vatican cannot be allowed to have sovereignty over Palestine. The Crusades have already proven the fallacy of this idea. Therefore, in the event of the international mandate over the Holy Lands being revoked, or in the absence of an Arab state to take its place, it's only fitting to entrust the protection of these lands to the Muslims. After all, throughout the centuries of their rule, they have demonstrated their worthiness of our trust."

This is the speech of a knowledgeable historian, guided by insight, not swayed by desire or fear of reprisal. Pope Christopher spent his childhood and youth in Palestine, experiencing firsthand the animosity of the Jews towards the Arabs and the Holy Land, as articulated by the spokesperson of the Roman Patriarchate.

The words of the Pope are fully validated, as they will become an integral part of the history of Islam. As Muslims, we cherish the blessings bestowed upon us, preserving, nurturing, defending, and repaying them in the best possible manner. The discourse of this venerable scholar will be recounted by four hundred million Arabs and Muslims across the globe, explaining our opposition to the immoral alliance between European and American powers and the perverse Zionism rooted in foolish Crusader mentality.

They wage a Crusade against us, sparing neither Muslims nor Christians in the Islamic and Arab lands. Some used to criticize us for this viewpoint, but the words of the Pope have unveiled the truth, paving the way for a new chapter in history where this conflict between the Islamic and Christian East and the Crusader West, comprising Christians and Jews, is studied.

However, the Christians of the East are not like those of the West. These are people whose hearts are filled with dark Crusader hatred, devoid of reason or conscience. As for the Christians of the East, they are fully aware that Western Christians are deceitful, ignorant, and biased individuals who seek to defile this holy land with Jews, harbouring enmity towards Muslims, devoid of anything but the repugnant Crusader mentality. They do not see with the eye of fairness and truth as the Christians of the East do. We consider this statement from the Pope to be a commendable deed that no Muslim will forget until the Day of Judgment.Top of Form



Source: Al-Risalah Magazine, Issue (754), December 1947 AD.

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