The Jewish Firm Grip on America!

This was revealed by “Al-Mujtama” in its third issue on 31-3-1970.

A statement by Islamabad to Pakistan Press International dated March 6, 1970.

In order to continue its aggressive war against the Arabs in Palestine, the Zionist state relies heavily on American Jews, whose wealth is estimated at about $500.000 million, according to available statistics here. The Rothschild family alone owns $300.000 million, equivalent to 55% of the profits of four major American oil companies: 65% of the fur industry, 40% of the steel industry, and 50% of the nightclubs. Not to mention the field of film production, where the Jews are the dominants.


Jews: A Bigoted, Bad-Mannered Race

The American magazine “The Saturday Evening Post” recently published an article titled “Jews: A Bigoted, Bad-Mannered Race.” In it, they point out, with facts and figures, that although Jews make up only 3% of the American population, they control all cultural, commercial, and vital activities in the United States.

The magazine writes, referring to this, “The United States is not the land of Canaan, as the American citizen does not feel free or secured, as Jews interfere in the internal affairs of the United States.”


Senate Committee

In 1963, a committee affiliated with the U.S. Senate conducted a thorough investigation into the activities of “foreign elements,” on top of which were Zionist organizations. The committee concluded that the executive apparatus of the World Zionist Organization engages in activities that leave an impact on the minds and actions of Americans, seeking to turn them into tools to ensure Zionist presence.

The committee noted that the immense funds donated by Zionist organizations in the United States are spent to achieve the following main objectives:

  • Controlling the press, radio and television stations, and film companies.
  • Infiltrating Christian religious circles, scientific circles, and publishing houses through lectures while exploiting and establishing relationships with various other organizations, thereby ensuring support from world leaders and global public opinion.
  • Concerning the press, Zionist organizations seek to establish close relationships, to the extent that they have managed to promote some editors who pledge loyalty to Zionism and grant them top positions in all American newspapers.
  • They influence editors and commentators to write in favor of “Israel” and serve the Zionist presence.

Zionist organizations exploit their influence in the media to prevent the publication of anything harmful to Zionism and its activities. Additionally, they publish newspapers and magazines with the sole purpose of supporting the Zionist presence and promoting it.

Prominent examples include the most audacious newspaper, “The New York Times,” along with “Look” magazine.

Thus, Zionist Jews own the equivalent of half of the printing and publishing houses in America.


American Media Outlets

Zionist organizations always seek to control media outlets, appointing officials in television and radio to broadcast programs and produce films all revolving around “Israel.”

Additionally, Zionism butters up the prominent Christian figures in Christian denominations and major religious associations, organizing regular courses to introduce Christian clergy to the Zionist entity.


Zionism’s Support for the U.S. Middle East Studies Association

Zionist organizations stand in support of the American Association for Middle East Studies, directing its research and studies to ensure their interests. These organizations host events in institutes and colleges and impose censorship over university printing presses to prevent the publication of anything threatening to the Zionist entity. They also publish supportive articles for “Israel” on several occasions, and Zionist groups intervene in the preparation of educational flyers intended for distribution to faculty members in elementary and high schools in America.

Supporting Publishing Houses

Moreover, these organizations support publishing houses and urge them to issue and distribute publications that support “Israel.” They utilize Jewish speakers to deliver lectures praising Israel, and these sycophants spare no effort in strengthening the Zionist relationship with other American organizations with connections abroad. They also seek to enhance their relationship with African Americans by manipulating their emotions.


Tours in Occupied Territories

Zionist groups organize continuous tours for American opinion leaders, both individually and collectively, to visit occupied Palestine. They also arrange educational trips for U.S. university students.

But how do these Zionist organizations collect donations for “Israel”?

In the United States, there is a specific organization for collecting donations with various branches, as mentioned by the “Saturday Evening Post”:

This organization does not collect donations in the usual manner but resorts to meetings and employs methods only used by Jews. During events and meetings, beautiful Jewish girls fake tears to garner sympathy from others. Suddenly, a designated Jew steps forward to donate one hundred thousand dollars, sparking a fierce competition among attendees to donate. Some beautiful girls stand near the speakers, lavishly praising the donors, mentioning their names and social status over the microphone. If they notice anyone hesitating, a Jew shouts loudly, urging them to hurry and donate to immortalize their name in the eternal registry!

Movies are also used to raise funds, as every Jewish millionaire is required to bring a friend or more to the event, with champagne and other liquors extravagantly poured before dinner.

The most beautiful Jewish and non-Jewish girls are invited to entertain and amuse the attendees. Not to mention that famous Jewish actors, musicians, and singers participate in these events.

Amidst the festivities, a great writer delivers a resonant speech to captivate the audience’s sympathy, followed by another film depicting the mass massacres and torture endured by Jews in Nazi camps.

All this is done to justify the current triumphs achieved by “Israel!”



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