Quran strengthens Our Nation... Palestinian resistance is the Proof Featured

By Dr. Suleiman Saleh December 11, 2023 4452


The Islamic Ummah “Nation” needs to read its history of victories to discover the sources of its strength and build the future. Scholars can lead a new movement to build people’s psychological and moral strength, and this can contribute to changing the world.

“Al-Aqsa Flood” is not just a military battle showing men’s heroism, as they managed to defeat the formidable occupation army. It was also a scientific, intellectual, cultural, and political battle that was the result of a long struggle in which the most great and noble fighters were trained for the sake of freedom.

The world will stand long before the mindset of these heroes, who stormed the enemy's fortresses on the morning of October 7th. Their belief in Allah was their most important weapon and the source of their strength.

These heroes have proven to the world that it's the man who fights, and weapons are just means. No matter how advanced the weapon, it cannot replace the fighter's psychological strength and determination to achieve their goal, and their belief in their cause. They fight for the truth, to uphold Allah’s religion, and to make His word supreme.

The Palestinian heroes who set out to free their land read and memorized the Quran in their trenches, and it filled their hearts with courage and strength, and sharpened their will and determination. It also helped them define their goals clearly, thus fighting their enemy with their minds and hearts.

On the battlefield, these heroes discovered the meanings of the Quran, which opened up new horizons before them for building their strength. They developed their weapons, using them efficiently, and memorized the Quran by hearts before raising arms against their land’s occupiers. Allah granted them victory, casting fear and panic into the hearts of their enemies.    

Historical Lessons

The Palestinian resistance heroes returned to the historical experience of their ancestors who freed Palestine from the Roman occupation. They read the Quran just as the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, were taught to read it. Based on that experience, they established their goals, planned, and took the necessary steps for the sake of Allah. However, they also believed that victory was in Allah's hands alone, and while they fight, they must trust and worship Him while awaiting His victory. Their hearts were filled with confidence, and they knew they were the winners no matter the outcome.

The historical experience of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was inspiring and effective in managing the conflict. They read the Quran to build a great civilization and to free people from serving anyone other than Allah. Even Heraclius could not stand against them, despite all the Romans myths about his strength. He had to withdraw from the Levant because he knew very well that he would face a crushing defeat against men who fought with their hearts believing in Allah and His victory, regardless of their material strength.

The most important lesson provided by Palestinian resistance is that the Islamic Ummah can replicate its historical experiences, achieving great victories, changing the world, and building the future only when they read the Quran the same way the companions of the Prophet, peace be upon him, did.

Clearly, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin understood this meaning well. He shaped men by preparing the generation that will free Palestine. In the mosques and trenches of Gaza, they read the Quran dedicating themselves to Allah. They sharpened their minds, and unleashed their imaginations which led them to manufacture and improve rockets, proving that they could engage the enemy in a battle of wits, producing new ideas that the arrogant enemy, with its overwhelming military power, could not anticipate.

Dreams sharpen minds

How did these freedom fighters manage to produce such ideas? These heroes have proven a scientific truth, that humans can innovate, create, think, produce, rise, and fight when they possess a great dream that sharpens their minds and determination. And what greater dream than freeing Palestine from a usurping oppressor?

The Quran freed these minds from fear and weakness, allowing them to think how to build formidable strength to use to achieve this grand dream, as the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, dreamed of freeing Mecca and humanity from serving anyone but Allah.


Therefore, one of the most important outcomes of “Toofan Al-Aqsa” operation is restoring the dream, hope, and confidence in Allah's victory and the ability to take action for all youth in the Ummah.

We can clearly observe the Ummah’s longing to regain the dream and hope after being hit by depression due to their fear of the aggression.

“Toofan Al-Aqsa” has restored the dream and hope for the Islamic nation. It achieved a significant cultural accomplishment that will have an impact on shaping the future. However, Islamic movements should plan and work on preparing the youth for a new phase through reading the Quran to sharpen their minds, encourage them to think, innovate, and fill their hearts with courage and confidence in Allah's victory. Just as the Quran has lit the path for the resistance heroes, it can open new horizons for the Ummah to free humanity and rebuild the Islamic civilization, which the world gravely needs.

The Palestinian Islamic resistance has provided a lesson, strength, and an example, proving that the Quran is the most important source of power. It’s what fills the hearts of men with courage, gallantry, and the ability to resist and make sacrifices.

Those heroes who have memorized the Quran by hearts roam in the enemies' territories, gaining glory and honor. They defy the formidable power and fear none but Allah alone. All free people in the world admire them and aspire to imitate them in achieving great goals. This is a magnificent victory achieved by the heroes who memorize the Quran.

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