Karim Benzema Files Complaint Against French Interior Minister Featured

By Gamal Khattab January 17, 2024 2732


Accusations and Defamation

Karim Benzema, a well-known soccer player, has recently filed a complaint against the French Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin. The complaint accuses Darmanin of defamation, which means saying something false that harms someone's reputation.

The Controversy

The controversy began when Benzema expressed his support for the people of Gaza on a social media platform. He said that his prayers were with them during a difficult time. However, Darmanin believed that Benzema's support for Gaza was connected to his alleged ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that some people consider controversial.

False Accusations

In his complaint, Benzema strongly denies having any connection to the Muslim Brotherhood. He says that he is being used for political purposes and that his reputation is being unfairly tarnished. Benzema emphasizes that he had no knowledge of anyone claiming to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Support for Israel and French National Anthem

Darmanin also criticized Benzema for not showing support for Israelis who were killed in a Hamas attack and for not singing the French national anthem while playing for the French national team. These actions were seen by some as controversial.

Filing a Complaint

Benzema's complaint was submitted to the Court of Justice, which is the only French court authorized to handle cases involving government officials. The court will now decide whether there is enough evidence to proceed with the case.

Source: Agencies