A new generation of American Democrats no longer supports Israel: Yedioth Ahronoth

By Gamal Khattab January 09, 2024 1702


A Leftist Movement Emerges

There's a new movement called the American Democratic Socialists, and they're making big change. They organized big protests against Israel and its crimes in Gaza. This movement is considered leftist, which means they have more liberal and progressive ideas.

A Major Protest in Times Square

One of the biggest protests organized by this movement took place in Times Square, New York City. It happened on October 8, while there was still conflict happening in the Gaza Strip. Lots of people gathered to show their support for Palestine and criticize Israel's actions.

A New Generation Speaks Up

What's interesting is that this movement represents a new generation of Democrats who don't support Israel like previous generations did. They believe that American aid to Israel should be criticized because of the war in Gaza. One of the most well-known voices in this movement is Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. She's known for her pro-Palestinian stances and has been criticized for them.

A Change in Position?

Recently, Cortez made some comments about the Times Square protest. She said that the things seen at the protest were unacceptable and that hatred and anti-Semitism should be condemned. However, she didn't use the word "genocide" like many others did when talking about Israel's actions in Gaza.

A Controversial Comparison

But things got even more intense when Cortez compared the persecutors of Jesus Christ to modern Israel. She wrote on social media that Jesus was killed to protect the power of an unjust leader. This comparison caused a lot of controversy and upset many people.

A Different View on Israel

It's important to understand that Cortez and others like her represent a new generation with different views on Israel. They don't see eye-to-eye with previous generations who were more supportive of Israel. This is something that Israel and its supporters need to realize and think about.

Source: Yedioth Ahronoth