The US Destroys the World Order for Israel's Sake Featured


What is Going On?

 Back in 1945, the United Nations was created to help countries work together and keep peace. Nevertheless, some people think it's not fair because powerful countries have more say than others. It is like a big club where some members have more power than others.

Alternative Political Bodies

Smaller countries have tried to create their own groups within the United Nations to stand up for their rights. One example is the Non-Aligned Movement, which started in 1961. It is like a smaller club within the big club.

Special Legitimacy

The United States and its friends have their own idea of what's right and wrong in international law. They often use their power to veto decisions that don't benefit them. It is as if they made the rules that work for them.


Recently, the United States defended Israel in the Gaza conflict, even when many other countries disagreed. This has caused some tension in the international community. The United States is also not a member of the International Criminal Court, but still tries to use it to cover up its actions.

These choices will have consequences in the future. The world is facing a crisis of legitimacy, and just making small changes will not fix the problem. A big deal needs to be addressed.

Source: American press