Israeli Writer: Netanyahu Has No Idea How to Get Out of Gaza's Quagmire Featured

By Gamal Khattab December 12, 2023 3968


In an article written by the Israeli writer, Yair Golan, who has strong opinions about Benjamin Netanyahu, the writer says that Netanyahu doesn't know how to handle the situation in Gaza and is not doing a good job as a leader. 

The Current Situation

In Israel, things have been really tough lately. People are feeling uncertain about the future and it's hard for them to imagine what's going to happen next. The writer of this article thinks that during these difficult times, it's important for the leader of Israel to connect with the people and provide them with guidance and support.

Netanyahu's Lack of Ideas

The writer, Yair Golan, believes that Netanyahu doesn't have a clue about how to handle certain challenges. For example, he doesn't know how to deal with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and help the people in the Gaza Strip get back to their normal lives. He also doesn't know how to protect the residents of northern Israel from a group called Hezbollah.

Resignation Needed

Golan thinks that Netanyahu should step down from his position as the Prime Minister of Israel. He believes that Netanyahu is only making empty promises about defeating Hamas and doesn't have a clear plan for the ongoing war. Golan says that a leader who cares more about himself than the country's future is not fit to lead at this time.

However, Golan also mentions that Netanyahu won't resign or call for new elections unless there is a lot of pressure from the people. So, it's important for the citizens of Israel to voice their concerns and demand change.

Building Hope

Golan believes that hope can be restored in Israel, but it requires a leader who is honest and makes decisions for the benefit of the country. He thinks that the current government, with its corruption and extreme nationalism, is not creating an environment where hope can thrive. Therefore, Golan insists that Netanyahu should resign immediately.

 Yair Golan, strongly criticizes Benjamin Netanyahu's leadership. He believes that Netanyahu doesn't know how to handle Gaza challenges and is more concerned about himself than the country's future. Golan thinks that it's important for the people of Israel to demand change and for Netanyahu to step down. 

Source: Maariv newspaper