Israel Threatens More Violence, But Resistance Will Respond More Harshly: Military Expert

By Gamal Khattab November 30, 2023 3873


The military expert Major General Fayez Al-Duwairi said that Israel is threatening to start a more violent war. Hamas is ready to respond even more strongly than before!

Israel's Failed Attack

So, Israel has been attacking the Gaza Strip for a while now. But according to Al-Duwairi, they didn't really achieve anything. They didn't have a clear plan for their attack, and even after 48 days of war and 24 days of ground fighting, they didn't gain control over the land or free any prisoners. Basically, they didn't accomplish much.

Hamas Stands Strong

Al-Duwairi also talked about Hamas, which is a group fighting for the rights of Palestinians. He said that Hamas is part of the society and their fighters want to free their homeland or get back the part of Gaza that was taken away from them. Despite all the destruction and civilian deaths caused by Israel, Hamas is still standing strong and ready to fight back.

Israel's Pressure Cards

Now, let's talk about the pressure cards in the hands of the resistance. Al-Duwairi explained that the Israelis in Gaza can be divided into different groups: women, children, the elderly, civilian men, and military men. The resistance will negotiate with each group separately to put pressure on Israel. They want to make sure that Israel pays a heavy price to get what they want.

What Happened in the Past

Finally, let's look at an example from the past. In 2011, there was a deal between Israel and the resistance. Israel wanted to get back one of their soldiers named Gilad Shalit, who was captured by the resistance. In exchange for Shalit, Israel had to release over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners. This shows that Israel had to make a big sacrifice to get what they wanted.