Military expert: Al-Qassam fighters have unique courage

By Gamal Khattab November 20, 2023 40

The Bravery of Al-Qassam Fighters

A military expert, Major General Fayez Al-Duwairi, recently analyzed the courageous actions of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas. He praised the unique boldness and bravery displayed by the Qassam fighters in their recent battles against Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip. These scenes, broadcasted by Al-Jazeera, prove that the fights are still intense in various areas of Gaza, despite Israeli claims of control.

Scenes of Battle

The scenes captured by Al-Jazeera showed Al-Qassam fighters targeting Israeli tanks and vehicles in Gaza City. They also revealed the aftermath of battles in different parts of the city, where the fighters moved through streets and destroyed buildings caused by Israeli bombings.

Areas of Clashes, Not Control

Al-Duwairi pointed out that these battles were supposed to take place in areas controlled by Israeli forces. However, the scenes clearly demonstrate that the fights are ongoing and fierce. Therefore, it is more accurate to describe these areas as conflict zones rather than areas under Israeli control.

Courage and Competence

The military expert commended the Qassam fighters for their courage, boldness, and military skills in close-quarter combat. He emphasized that these fighters possess exceptional qualities and a strong belief in their cause. While the scenes did not reveal the fate of those killed, they highlight the sacrifices made by the resistance.

Intelligence and Precision

Al-Duwairi explained that the Qassam fighters have an effective intelligence system that allows them to closely monitor the movements of Israeli forces. They carefully choose the right time and place to strike, demonstrating remarkable caution and precision in their operations.

An Unprecedented Battle

The military expert emphasized that the ongoing battle in Gaza is unlike anything witnessed in history. Despite intense bombings and widespread destruction, the resistance's performance remains unaffected. The Qassam fighters continue to fight with determination and resilience.

No Safe Place

Al-Duwairi highlighted the message sent by targeting the occupation forces stationed in Al-Rantisi Hospital. It showed that the Qassam fighters can strike even in supposedly secure locations. Just as the Israeli army imposed the idea that there is no safe place in Gaza, the Qassam fighters reinforced this notion in the conflict zones.

Israeli Army's Challenges

The military expert acknowledged that the Israeli army may attempt a ground attack in the southern regions. However, he believed that this would not guarantee success in the northern sector. The Israeli army faces unique challenges when fighting against groups with limited capabilities.

Impact on Families

Al-Duwairi predicted that the video clips of these battles would have a significant impact on the families of Israeli soldiers participating in ground operations. The families, unable to communicate with their loved ones, may fear that they are among the casualties or captured fighters shown in the footage.

Source: Al Jazeera