Africa in a Week: Solidarity with Palestine Featured

By Gamal Khattab October 26, 2023 4889

South Africa: Official and Popular Support

The African National Congress, the ruling party in South Africa, showed their support for Palestine during the ongoing conflict with Israel. President Cyril Ramaphosa and other members of the party's national executive committee wore black clothing and Palestinian scarves to stand in solidarity with Palestine. Ramaphosa expressed concern over the Israeli government's plan to evacuate people from Gaza, stating that it could lead to genocide. He emphasized the importance of fighting for justice and protecting human rights for the Palestinians.

Mauritania: Political Parties Stand Together

Mauritanians have always been loyal supporters of the Palestinian cause. Journalist Mustafa Angier stated that the people of Mauritania are closely following the events in Palestine and believe that the "Al-Aqsa Flood" operation has brought about a turning point in the conflict. They remain optimistic that it will lead to a breakthrough and a victory for the Palestinians, especially the prisoners.

Senegal: An Alliance for Support

Senegal has also shown its support for Palestine. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement condemning the attacks and calling for an end to the escalation. At the popular level, the National Alliance to Support the Palestinian Cause in Senegal expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people and blessed their resistance efforts.

Chad: Strong Popular Support

Despite official normalization with Israel, the people of Chad continue to stand with the Palestinian cause. The head of the Renaissance Party in Chad and members of the Chadian Youth Renaissance Organization have expressed their support. The Chadian people, from all walks of life, stand with Palestine and Al-Aqsa, providing financial and moral support day and night. The imams in Chad's mosques pray for victory for their Palestinian brothers, and the Chadians' joy after the "Al-Aqsa Flood" battle is heartwarming.

Mali: Condemnation from Islamic Organizations

In Mali, reactions to the "Al-Aqsa Flood" battle varied. Many official Islamic bodies and organizations, including the Union of African Scholars, the Youth of the Gathering of the Sunnis and the Community in Mali, the Union of Islamic Associations, and the Society for Culture and Solidarity, issued statements condemning the attacks and showing their support for Palestine.

Tanzania: Support from Muslim Scholars

In Tanzania, the Association of Muslim Scholars organized an event in support of the Palestinian cause. They declared that the Palestinian issue is the issue of every Muslim and called for support and solidarity. The organization urged scholars, sheikhs, preachers, and imams to pray for the Palestinian people and for justice and humanity to prevail in the face of the injustice and aggression they endure.