Erdogan rejects linking India with the Middle East without Türkiye Featured

By Agencies September 13, 2023 5371

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made it clear that he does not support a project that aims to connect India and South Asia with the Middle East and Europe through railways and ports. According to Erdogan, this corridor cannot exist without Turkey.

The Economic Corridor Project
A memorandum of understanding on the "economic corridor" was signed by the European Union, India, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the United States, and other G20 partners. The goal of this project is to reduce shipping times by 40% and save money on costs and fuel use.

Turkey's Role
Erdogan believes that Turkey is the most suitable country for the traffic flow between India, the Middle East, and Europe. He supports the Iraq Development Road Project, which aims to connect the Gulf with Turkey and Europe through railways and highways.

UAE's Urgency
UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed has urged for the quick implementation of the project to link the Gulf with Turkey. Erdogan stated that both the UAE and Qatar are ready for this mission.

The Project Details
The project includes the construction of a double-track railway and a modern highway. The railway will extend about 1,200 kilometers, and the highway will start from the port of Al-Faw in Basra Governorate, southern Iraq.

Benefits and Investments
The Iraqi government envisions high-speed trains, logistics centers, industrial parks, and the integration of oil and gas pipelines. This ambitious plan requires an investment of approximately $17 billion and is expected to generate annual revenues of $4 billion. It also has the potential to create at least 100,000 job opportunities.