Death toll from Morocco earthquake tops 2,800 Featured

A really strong earthquake hit Morocco and it's caused a lot of damage. The Interior Ministry of the country said that 2,854 people have died because of it. That's a lot of people!

Many People Injured

Not only did a lot of people die, but many others got hurt too. The ministry said that 2,562 people were injured because of the earthquake. That's a big number!

Where Did It Happen?

The earthquake happened in Morocco, which is in North Africa. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) said that the earthquake's center was 75 kilometers southwest of Marrakech. That's pretty close!

Big Damage in Marrakech

Marrakech is a really important place in Morocco. It's even a UNESCO World Heritage site! But the earthquake caused a lot of damage there. That's really sad.

Rescue Efforts

Rescue teams are working really hard to find people who are trapped under the rubble. They've been doing this for three days already! Some people have been saved by the rescue teams, but there are still many missing.

Help from Other Countries

Other countries are sending help to Morocco. Spain, the UK, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates have all offered assistance. It's really nice that they want to help!

Donations for the Victims

The Moroccan government has set up a special account to collect donations for the people affected by the earthquake. They're working with the treasury and the Bank of Morocco to make sure the donations go to the right place.

A Historic Earthquake

This earthquake is the strongest one that Morocco has had in the last hundred years. That's a really long time! It's a really big deal.