Indian PM Modi’s Arrogance is Hurting India, Like Ravana's Arrogance Destroyed Lanka: Rahul Gandhi

By Gamal Khattab August 15, 2023 3008

During a discussion on a no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi, a leader from the Congress party, criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He compared Modi's arrogance to the arrogance of Ravana, a character from Hindu mythology who caused the destruction of Lanka.

The Power of Humility
Gandhi emphasized the importance of humility and how it can help us understand the voice of the people. He explained that Ravana's arrogance led to his downfall, just as Modi's arrogance is negatively impacting the entire country.

Gratitude and Apology
Before starting his speech, Gandhi expressed his gratitude to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha for reinstating him as a Member of Parliament. He also apologized for any trouble he may have caused in the past. He assured everyone that his speech would not be confrontational.

Speaking from the Heart
Gandhi quoted the famous poet Rumi, saying that he would speak from his heart rather than his mind. He shared his experience of walking across India with many people, listening to their stories and understanding their pain.

The Voice of India
Gandhi believed that India is not just a country, but a voice. He emphasized that the true essence of India lies in the voices of its people, their struggles, and their hardships. To truly listen to the voice of India, one must let go of arrogance, desires, and dreams.

Removing Hatred
Gandhi explained that he brought up these points during the no-confidence motion because he believes that to listen to the voice of India, we must eliminate hatred. He criticized the Prime Minister for suppressing the voices of the people and causing harm to the nation.

The Consequences of Arrogance
Gandhi drew parallels between the arrogance of Ravana and the actions of the Prime Minister. He accused Modi of igniting conflicts and trying to divide the country. He warned that this arrogance could lead to the destruction of India.