Polish Prime Minister Accuses Russia, Belarus of Using Migrants to Break European Unity


  Poland's Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, believes that Russia and Belarus are working together to create chaos on the border between Poland and Belarus. They want to make things difficult for Poland and the European Union (EU).

Attacks on the Border

According to Morawiecki, Poland has been dealing with attacks on its eastern border for more than two years now. To make matters worse, the number of these attacks has been increasing. Poland is worried about the safety of its people, so they are sending 10,000 troops to the border area to protect it.

Using Migrants as Weapons

Here's where things get really concerning. The Prime Minister believes that Russia and Belarus are using migrants as a way to harm Poland. They are manipulating these people and making them cross the border illegally. In fact, there have been 16,000 attempts to do so in 2023 alone!

Accusations and Denials

Poland has been dealing with waves of migrants coming from Belarus since the summer of 2021. The Polish government says that Belarus is organizing these illegal crossings, but Belarus denies it.

The Threat of Wagner

Morawiecki also mentioned a group called Wagner, which is a Russian mercenary group. He believes that over a hundred of these mercenaries are heading towards the Polish border. This is really concerning because they could pretend to be Belarusian border guards and help illegal migrants enter Poland. They could even train these migrants to cause trouble and attack Polish services.

A Call for Unity

The Prime Minister wants everyone to know that this situation is a threat to Poland and the unity of European countries. He believes that Russia and Belarus are trying to destabilize Poland and cause problems. It's important for Poland and its allies to stay strong and work together to overcome this challenge.