The Social Reform Association launches the Giving competition for the fifth year Featured

For the academic year 2022–2023, the Al-Ataa Center for Projects and Volunteer Activities of the Social Reform Association launched its fifth annual giving competition. The competition, which is aimed at students of all educational levels in schools in the State of Kuwait, is held in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Public Authority for Youth, the Kuwaiti Teachers Association, and illustrious volunteer teams like the "Green Hands" team and the "Tarahum" team. Its goal is to inspire students to follow in the giving and giving footsteps of their parents and grandparents.

In this regard, Hamad Al-Ali, secretary general of the Social Reform Society, stated, "The competition seeks to inspire both male and female students at all educational levels to engage in philanthropic and volunteer activity. And to cultivate a new generation of volunteers who will carry on the noble work started by their forebears. Moreover, to emphasize the significance of schools in the State of Kuwait Volunteer and charitable work teaches students the value of doing humanitarian volunteer work and gives them the practical skills they need to demonstrate their patriotism in the appropriate, positive way while avoiding inappropriate and impolite expression.

"The promotion of volunteerism among male and female students at all academic levels, the instillation of educational values in the minds of male and female students at all academic levels, the strengthening of the role of volunteer teams in bringing about positive change in society, and the highlighting of outstanding volunteer projects and initiatives both inside the school and outside it are some of the other objectives we have set for ourselves.", added Hamad Al-Ali.

Abdul Rahman Al-Mayass, a school principal, honored the head of the “The Righteous Son” team, Mr. Khaled Moawad Ahmed, honoring the school students, members of the “Good Son” volunteer team, then honoring the entities and personalities participating in this volunteer event.