What exactly is Obama's campaign team doing in Türkiye? Featured


Exciting facts were announced by the Turkish writer Zafar Shaheen in a sober article published in the Turkish newspaper Milliyet. The article, which was written under the title "Obama's Social Media Team in Türkiye," contains shocking information. It exposes a kind of blatant interference in one of Türkiye's most important affairs, which is the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.

Not the first time!

The article says they have come to Istanbul at least twice before, once before the general elections on June 7, 2015, and the other in the local elections on March 31, 2019.

This is the team that twice succeeded Obama through the most successful social media campaigns in history, for some reason, has a special interest in Türkiye!

Zafar Sahin says, "According to the information provided by my news source, the team that conducted theoretical and practical studies on social media has 6 of its 12 members who are specialists in Obama's social media who have been in Istanbul for a while."

Nine servers!

The US team came with nine servers they brought with them. They settled in a five-star hotel near Taksim Square, and they started working some time ago.

What are they doing in Türkiye?

They study it in detail and accurately (house by house, lane by lane).

They divided Istanbul into 4 regions, the Ankara region, and the Izmir region. Adana has been divided into two.

They, says Shaheen, prepare studies on social media for each region.

First, they define their target audience and develop content specifically for them.

Next, they identify the platforms through which they will present these contents to the target audience (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.).


They did polls on Twitter.

The vote rate for Kilicdaroglu is 60% in these polls!

how did that happen? Zafar Shaheen: Well, Twitter users are mostly dissidents. However, this data alone is not sufficient to explain the 60%.

Search for servers

Servers and software in the hands of the Obama team play a role at this point. They can change the IP of one computer 5000 times and get 5000 different accounts to vote in polls!


Don't be surprised... this is just the beginning and the tip of the iceberg. Shaheen says.

In the 2023 election, social media will have a greater impact on voter behavior than you can imagine.

Biased algorithms!

Do you know that the visibility of accounts close to the government and journalists who do not support the opposition on social media has decreased (decreased) by 70% recently?


Contributions generated by these names are turned into spam or made invisible by slowing down their distribution.

58 journalists believed to support the government were blacklisted. And their interactions will be further reduced the closer the elections get.

  This is likely to have been done. Pay attention to headlines, repeat hits, news stories, and articles on Twitter, especially after an election decision. You will see the process more clearly. They will launch a massive social media attack from a million addresses.

Focus on youth.

Young people in Türkiye are mostly Instagram and TikTok users. But with the earthquake, Twitter took the lead. And it will remain throughout the election campaign. Visualizations created on Twitter will be transferred first to other social media platforms and then to traditional media.

Of course, social media alone will not determine the fate of elections. However, the impact of social media is not something to be taken lightly or ignored, particularly in Türkiye, why?

Because the number of internet users and social media users is very high, especially in an age like this where perceptions precede facts and lies travel swiftly around the world.

We all inadvertently leave digital footprints while reading the news, commenting, tweeting, shopping, and ordering food on the platforms we follow every day.

Big Brother is the one keeping track of those tracks and almost x-raying us.

Big Brother haunts us all.

The Obama social media team are actually the big brother guys in Türkiye.


Last modified on Monday, 06 November 2023 15:50