Turkish foreign minister: Türkiye expects Iraq to officially recognize PKK as terrorist organization

By Agencies August 23, 2023 3796

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan has expressed Turkey's expectation for Iraq to officially acknowledge the PKK as a terrorist organization.
Fidan emphasized the importance of not allowing the PKK to harm bilateral relations between the two countries. He also stressed that Turkey cannot accept the PKK challenging Iraq's sovereignty. Fidan reiterated that Turkey prioritizes the territorial integrity, political unity, and sovereignty of Iraq. He pointed out that several districts in Iraq, including Sinjar, Makhmour, Qandil, and Sulaymaniyah, have been occupied by the PKK.
Fidan affirmed Turkey's support for Iraq in its fight against the PKK and other terrorist organizations. He stated that Turkey is ready to collaborate with Iraq in combatting terrorism, regardless of the names of the groups involved. Fidan also mentioned that Turkey is closely monitoring the water problem in Iraq and approaching it from a humanitarian standpoint. He highlighted the need for a cooperative and scientifically-based dialogue mechanism to address the water issue.
Furthermore, Fidan compared the ongoing attacks against the Holy Quran to the burning of books before World War II. He called for collective action from the Muslim world against this threat. Fidan noted that the burning of holy books has been recognized as a violation of international law and religious hatred by the United Nations, thanks to the steps taken within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.
Meanwhile, Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein emphasized the significance of the relationship between Iraq and Turkey. He stated that the development of these relations is a priority, based on their geographical, humanitarian, historical, and cultural similarities. Hussein mentioned the rapid progress and continuous development of trade relations between the two countries. He underlined that the Iraqi constitution prohibits any foreign armed groups, including the PKK, from using Iraq as a base for launching attacks against neighboring countries.
Hussein expressed hope for the signing of joint agreements and memoranda of understanding between the two parties to facilitate President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to Baghdad. He also highlighted the impact of climate change and drought on agriculture and the economy in both countries, emphasizing the need for ongoing collaboration and cooperation on this issue.