Masked men attack refugee home in eastern Germany — police Featured

An 18-year-old Afghan citizen was injured when several men broke into a refugee shelter, shouting xenophobic taunts. The perpetrators fled when other residents arrived.

Four masked men have attacked a refugee shelter in the town of Sebnitz in the eastern state of Saxony, police said on Sunday.

According to police, the group first entered the building through its back door, after which they held an 18-year-old Afghan citizen against a wall.

The four attackers then threw objects at a 16-year-old resident of the house. Police said that the suspects called out xenophobic slogans while carrying out the attack.

The men fled the home after additional residents arrived at the scene of the attack.

The 16-year-old was unharmed in the incident, while the 18-year-old was treated on the scene.

Police searched the area but did not manage to apprehend any suspects.

The security wing of the Dresden police force said it was investigating the crimes of dangerous bodily harm, verbal abuse and trespassing.