US carries out new attacks against Iran-backed fighters in northeast Syria Featured

The US has carried out more retaliatory strikes against Iran-backed fighters in northeast Syria after American forces stationed in the area came under rocket fire that injured three troops.

US forces struck using AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, AC-130 gunships, and M777 artillery pieces, Central Command said in a statement on Thursday. Four enemy combatants were killed and seven rocket launchers were destroyed, it added.

"We will respond appropriately and proportionally to attacks on our service members," US Central Command Commander Michael Kurilla said in a statement. 

"No group will strike at our troops with impunity. We will take all necessary measures to defend our people."

Growing tensions

The attacks are the latest after US forces stationed at the Conoco outpost and Mission Support Site Green Village came under rocket fire on Wednesday. 

The US launched retaliatory strikes using helicopters in the immediate aftermath, claiming they killed several Iran-backed fighters believed to be responsible for the rocket attacks.

Earlier Wednesday, the US launched air strikes in Syria targeting ammunition depots and logistics supply bunkers used by groups affiliated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

The air strikes were ordered by President Joe Biden in retaliation for a series of attacks on August 15 at US military facilities in Syria.

Source: AA