'Fakhrizadeh killed by bullets destroying his spine'

Iran's top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed by bullets that destroyed his spine, local media reported on Sunday.

Ali Fadawi, deputy commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Army, gave details of the assassination of Fakhrizadeh that took place late last month, according to the semi-official ISNA news agency.

Stating that the attack was carried out with a weapon that was placed on a roadside pickup and controlled remotely using electronic systems, Fadawi said that no assailant was found at the scene.

He said that the scientist had 11 bodyguards along with him when the incident took place and added that the pickup used in the attack was parked 10-15 meters away from the scene.

The bullets shot from the automatic weapon hit Fakhrizadeh’s waist area and destroyed his spine which led to his death, ISNA quoted Fadawi as saying.

Fadawi said following the attack, the pickup was exploded to destroy the weapon, from which 13 bullets were fired.

He said the other bullets were fired by the bodyguards of the scientist.

“The automatic weapon installed in the pickup was also equipped with a smart satellite system that zoomed into Fakhrizadeh’s face and used artificial intelligence,” ISNA quoted Fadawi as saying.

Fadawi did not mention as to how many bullets hit the victim’s body.

Fakhrizadeh was killed by unknown gunmen on the outskirts of the capital Tehran on Nov. 27, becoming the fifth Iranian nuclear scientist to be assassinated since 2010./aa

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  • عنوان تمهيدي: Prominent Iranian nuclear scientist was targeted by bullets remotely fired from roadside pickup, local media report