6 Months of Genocide War on Gaza Featured

Israel continues bombing Gaza, starving its people for six months, with world leaders silent on human rights. Israel's genocidal war against Gaza has resulted in great destruction.

      Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" attack on October 7, 2023, left 1,139 Israelis useless and about 250 POWs.

      Palestinian martyrs have surpassed 33,000, beside thousands killed under rubble.

      Children and women are the largest variety of martyrs, with over 30,800 martyrs.

      UNICEF estimates 17,000 Palestinian children are separated from their parents.

      The wide variety of wounded exceeds 75,815, and about 1,000 children have had their legs amputated.

      Famine has hit the innocent people of Gaza, with 2.2 million facing famine.

      Israel killed 7 foreigners on humanitarian missions, sparking a worldwide uproar towards the occupation forces.

      80% of Gaza's population has been compelled to emigrate to the south, inflicting a global uproar.

      About 62% of Gaza’s homes have been demolished due to the Israeli bombing.

      The World Bank and the United Nations estimate damage to Gaza infrastructure at $18.5 billion.

      Israel destroyed 80% of Gaza schools, making over 325,000 students not able to enter school.

      Ten hospitals out of 36 are still in service, but they have become unable to provide service due to the large number of victims and lack of human and medical capabilities.

      Israel destroyed Al-Shifa Medical Complex after weeks of comprehensive siege, executing 400 civilians in the hospital.

      The war in Gaza has been the deadliest for journalists, with around 140 killed, according to Gaza officials.