A Canadian newspaper Depicts Netanyahu as a "vampire."

By Gamal Khattab March 21, 2024 103

 The Canadian newspaper, La Presse, these days published a cool animated film portraying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a vampire. The caricature changed into in response to Netanyahu's plans to attack the town of Rafah inside the Gaza Strip, that's home to many displaced humans. However, the newspaper confronted accusations of anti-Semitism for the debatable depiction.

The Controversial Drawing

The cartoon confirmed Netanyahu with spiked ears and claws, standing on a crusing ship in a fashion harking back to the vampire character within the 1922 film "Nosferatu." The caricature was titled "Nosvinyahu is on his manner to Rafah," referencing Netanyahu's plans to attack the city to eliminate Hamas brigades.


Canadian politicians, which include Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Jewish leaders criticized La Presse for the caricature, accusing the newspaper of promoting anti-Semitism. In reaction to the backlash, the newspaper's editor-in-chief, Stephanie Grammon, issued an apology and removed the caricature from all platforms.

Intentions Clarified

Grammon clarified that the caricature become supposed to criticize the Israeli government, no longer the Jewish people. The cartoonist, Sarge Chaplow, also confirmed that he did now not intend to sell anti-Semitism along with his drawing.

Source:  AFP