Israeli Writer: Israel Neither Stronger Nor Safer After 150 Days of Aggression on Gaza Featured


Reflection on the War

Israeli writer Gideon Levy believes that after 150 days of war in Gaza, Israel has not gained any strength or safety. In fact, he argues that the country is not more popular, united, or proud of itself.

Harsh Realities

Levy wrote in Haaretz that the past days of war have been tough and have not benefited Israel in any way. He believes that Hamas has actually emerged stronger, despite losing many fighters.

Public Opinion

Surprisingly, Levy notes that most Israelis still support the war, even after months of destruction and international backlash. Israel is now seen as a pariah and faces economic challenges.

The Darkest Days

Levy describes the past few months as the darkest in Israel's history. The country is now less secure, faces global sanctions, and risks losing American support. The war has also damaged Israel's democratic institutions.

International Standing

Israel's reputation has suffered greatly, and its relations with the United States have deteriorated. The ongoing violence and displacement have only fueled more hatred towards Israel.

The Future Outlook

Levy is not optimistic about the future, as long as Israel refuses to consider fundamental changes. He compares the mindset of continuing the war to that of a gambler who keeps betting despite losing everything.

Moral Ambiguity

Levy questions the morality of believing that killing thousands of Palestinians will bring peace to Gaza. He urges Israelis to reflect on the true costs of the war and consider if it was truly necessary.

Source: Haaretz