Jordanian army conducts major aid landing in Gaza

By Gamal Khattab February 27, 2024 3489

Today, the Jordanian army made a big announcement - they carried out the biggest aid landing operation for the people of Gaza since the Israeli war started last October.

Aid Landing Operation Details

The Jordanian army used 3 of their own aircraft and a French C-130 aircraft to drop aid at 11 different locations along the Gaza coast. This aid, directed by King Abdullah II, included relief and food supplies like ready-made meals to help ease the suffering of the people in Gaza.

The goal of this operation was to deliver aid directly to the people, either through airdrops or by sending it to Al-Arish International Airport in Egypt.

People's Reactions

Videos on social media showed Palestinian citizens gathering on the shore to try and get aid boxes that were dropped with umbrellas.

Previous Operations

This was the 16th airdrop operation by the Jordanian army. Previous drops went to a field hospital and to around 800 people stuck in a church in Gaza City.

Some of these operations involved the Netherlands and France, and Israel said they coordinated with Jordan for these aid missions.

Urgent Situation

These aid missions are crucial as there are warnings of famine spreading in Gaza, with reports of people dying from hunger.

Source:  agencies