Algerian Draft Resolution at the UNSC for Urgent Ceasefire in Gaza Featured

By Gamal Khattab February 01, 2024 105



An Urgent Call for Peace in Gaza

Algeria has proposed a resolution to the United Nations Security Council. They want an immediate ceasefire in Gaza for humanitarian reasons. This means they want the fighting to stop so that people can be safe and get the help they need.

What the Resolution Says

The draft resolution from Algeria says that Palestinian civilians should not be forced to leave their homes. It also demands an end to all violations and calls for humanitarian aid to be delivered quickly and safely to the people in Gaza who need it.

An Emergency Meeting

Yesterday, the Security Council had an emergency meeting because of Algeria's request. They talked about a decision made by the International Court of Justice. This court is like a big judge that deals with important international issues. South Africa had brought a case against Israel, accusing them of genocide. The court's decision said that Israel needs to be held accountable for what's happening in Gaza.

Algeria's Representative Speaks Up

The person representing Algeria at the Security Council meeting, Ammar Benjameh, said that the court's decision means that no one can get away with doing bad things anymore. He wants to make sure that future generations are protected from the terrible things happening in Gaza. He also said that Israel should not be treated differently from other criminals.

Enforcing the Court's Decision

Algeria believes that the court's decision should be followed to protect the Palestinian people from the genocide they are facing. They want Israel to respond right away and for the international community to make sure these measures are enforced. The violence and killing of innocent people in Gaza must be stopped.

The Importance of a Ceasefire

According to Algeria, the only way to make sure the court's measures are put into action is by having a ceasefire. This means that both sides need to stop fighting immediately. The senseless aggression needs to end now.

The International Court of Justice's Decision

On January 26, the International Court of Justice told Israel that they need to take steps to prevent genocide and improve the situation for people in Gaza. However, the court's decision did not specifically mention a ceasefire.

The Devastating Situation in Gaza

Since October 7, the Israeli army has been involved in a terrible war in Gaza. It has caused the deaths of over 26,000 people and injured about 66,000 more. Most of the victims are children and women. The destruction and suffering in Gaza are unimaginable.

Source: Agencies

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