India Backs Israel's Massacres in Gaza: A Closer Look Featured

By Gamal Khattab January 18, 2024 3083


Israeli Soldiers of Indian Origin

Some Israeli soldiers who are originally from India have been involved in terrible massacres in the Palestinian territory. They are also sharing information about Israel's ethnic cleansing operations with India's security agencies.

Indian Support for Genocide

It has been revealed by the former National Security Advisor to Benjamin Netanyahu that Indian military intelligence gathering efforts are supporting these genocide operations. This is really concerning!

Israeli Army Volunteers from India

The Israeli ambassador to India once bragged that he could create a whole Israeli army with the number of volunteers he has received from Hindu nationalists in India. This means that there are many Indian Jewish soldiers in Gaza who are killing Palestinians and destroying schools and mosques.

India's Blueprint for Genocide

It seems that the Modi regime in India has developed its own plan for genocide, inspired by Israel's actions in Gaza. This is really shocking and unacceptable!

Learning from Israeli Tactics

The Indian government is studying the tactics and strategies used by the Israeli military in Gaza. This is worrying because it suggests that Muslims in Kashmir might be in danger of ethnic cleansing in the name of Indian "self-defense."

Using Hamas Resistance for Propaganda

The Indian government, Hindu nationalist leaders, and the Indian news media are working together to use Hamas resistance operations against Israel as a way to make Hindus feel like victims. They claim that India and Israel share a common enemy and a common cultural threat – Islam and Muslims.

Propaganda Efforts

The Indian government is even using its online troll army to help Israel with its propaganda efforts. They produce and spread fake stories about Palestinians. This is really unfair and misleading!

Economic Connections

India and Israel also have economic ties. The relationship between Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Netanyahu has helped secure deals that will bring billions of dollars into Israeli start-ups and other businesses.

Replacing Palestinian Workers

Did you know that the Israeli regime plans to replace Palestinian workers with 81,000 foreign workers this year? And guess where most of these workers will come from? India! This is really concerning and unfair to the Palestinian people.

The Ongoing Genocide

The genocide happening in Gaza will not stop even after the bombs stop falling. Israel intends to forcibly expel survivors. 

Boycott Israel Movement

If we want to help the Palestinian people, it is important to include Indian products in the boycott Israel movement. This can make a difference!