Sweden PM Condemns Far-Right Leader's Call to Demolish Mosques Featured

By Gamal Khattab November 28, 2023 3550


The Prime Minister of Sweden, Ulf Kristersson, recently spoke out against a leader from a far-right party who said some really disrespectful things about mosques. 

 Jimmie Åkesson, who is part of the Sweden Democrats party, made a speech at their annual conference. He said that they should take away and destroy some mosques. He claimed that these mosques were spreading messages that go against democracy, Sweden, LGBTQ+ rights, Jewish people, and were just generally misleading people.

The Prime Minister's Response

Now, Ulf Kristersson, who is the Prime Minister of Sweden, didn't agree with what Åkesson said at all. He called it disrespectful and said it was a way of dividing people. Kristersson also mentioned that this kind of talk doesn't represent what Sweden stands for in the world.

Kristersson's government doesn't include the Sweden Democrats, but they still rely on their support. So, it's important for him to address these statements and make it clear where he stands.

Religious Freedom and Democracy

Kristersson wanted to make it clear that in Sweden, they don't tear down places of worship. He said that as a society, they need to stand against extremism, but they will do it within the rules of a democratic country and the law.

Calls for Action

Another politician, Magdalena Andersson, who used to be the Prime Minister of the Social Democratic Party, called on Kristersson to fire any officials from the Sweden Democrats who work in government offices in Stockholm. She believed that Åkesson's statements were damaging Sweden's reputation and could make it harder for them to join NATO, which is an organization of countries that work together for peace and security.

Tension with Arab and Islamic Countries

Sweden has been in the news before because of some events that caused tension with Arab and Islamic countries. Earlier this year, an Iraqi refugee burned copies of the Holy Qur'an, which is a sacred book for Muslims. This upset a lot of people, and many countries in the Arab world were angry with Sweden. They even called in Sweden's representatives to express their objections.

Waiting for NATO Approval

Sweden wants to join NATO, but they still need approval from Hungary and Turkey. So, it's important for Sweden to maintain a good image and show that they respect religious freedom.

That's all for today's news from Sweden! Remember, it's important to respect different religions and beliefs, and we should always strive for peace and understanding.

Source: Agencies