Day 170 of the Israeli Genocide War on Gaza Featured

By Gamal Khattab March 25, 2024 2742

Targeting Hospitals and Civilians

 On the 170th day of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, hospitals and medical teams are still being targeted by the occupation forces. According to government media in Gaza, 5 doctors and nurses were executed, and 350 civilians were killed in and around the complex.

New Military Operation

At the field level, the occupation forces announced a new military operation west of Khan Yunis. The resistance claimed to have inflicted losses on soldiers and vehicles.


The Israeli occupation committed 8 massacres in the Gaza Strip in the past 24 hours, resulting in 84 deaths and 106 injuries. The total number of casualties since October 7 is 32,226 dead and 74,518 wounded.

Arrests in the West Bank

 Between last night and today, at least sixteen Palestinians from the West Bank—among them a newborn and a former prisoner—have been captured by Israeli soldiers. Israeli soldiers and Palestinians clashed at a number of locations. There were more than 7,755 inmates in custody as of October 7.

Banning UNRWA Convoys

The UNRWA Commissioner-General said that Israel will no longer allow meals convoys to the northern Gaza Strip, hindering life-saving useful resource. The US Congress' selection to freeze UNRWA's investment will impact get entry to food, refuge, health offerings, and training for Palestinian refugees.

Hezbollah Attacks

Hezbollah in Lebanon targeted Israeli websites in the south of the country, resulting in deaths. According to Israeli media, missiles are launched toward the Golan Heights from Lebanon.

Worldwide Calls

The Secretary-General of the United Nations pleaded with Israel to make it easier for supplies of relief to reach Gaza while averting a humanitarian catastrophe. The Jordan Valley land theft by Israel was denounced by the European Union.

Global Reactions

Both French President Macron and US Vice President Harris issued advisories about comparable military operations in Gaza. Israeli officials are experiencing grievances over how they handled the conflict.

European Demonstrations

Demonstrations in European towns show unity with Palestinians and call for an instantaneous ceasefire. Israeli public international relations are beneath scrutiny, with blame located on Prime Minister Netanyahu.



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