Day 168 of the Israeli Genocide War on Gaza


More Tragedy in Gaza

On the 168th day of Genocide War on Gaza, the situation continues to worsen. The number of people who have been killed by Israel has risen to over 32,000. The Shifa Medical Complex, a vital hospital, remains under brutal occupation siege of Israeli forces.

Israeli Violations

Disturbing images have emerged showing Israeli tanks intentionally running over Palestinian civilians who were trying to flee the Shifa complex. The Israeli army has admitted that some of the photos they shared were inaccurate, calling it a human error.

New Massacres

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that the Israeli occupation forces have committed new massacres, resulting in the deaths of 82 Palestinians and injuries to 110 others in just 24 hours. The total number of martyrs since the conflict began has now reached 32,700, with 74,298 people wounded.

Siege of Al-Shifa Complex

Doctors, patients, and displaced individuals trapped in the Shifa Medical Complex have made a desperate plea for food and medicine. The occupation forces have surrounded the hospital, making it difficult for essential supplies to reach those in need.

Occupation Losses

There have been clashes between the Palestinian resistance and Israeli forces near the Shifa complex. The Islamic Jihad Movement reported injuring an Israeli soldier and targeting a gathering of occupation forces with mortar shells.

Veto in the Security Council

Russia and China vetoed a draft resolution in the UN Security Council related to the genocide war on Gaza. The US and UK delegates expressed disappointment, while Russia accused the resolution of favoring Israel.

Seizure of Lands in the West Bank

Israel has seized a significant amount of land in the West Bank, claiming it as state property. This marks the largest land seizure in 30 years, sparking outrage among Palestinians.

Bombing Lebanon

Hezbollah targeted Israeli military sites in Lebanon, achieving direct hits. Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati is working on diplomatic efforts to stop the aggression. Israeli forces retaliated by launching

Support for Gaza Demonstrations

  • Tens of thousands of Yemenis gathered in Al-Sabeen Square in Sanaa to show their support for Gaza. They responded to a call from the Ansar Allah group (Houthis) with the slogan, "Our operations continue... Stop your aggression."
  • Jordanians have been protesting in Amman and other areas for 24 weeks now. They are standing in solidarity with Gaza since the start of the Israeli war.
  • Hundreds of Moroccans held vigils to support Gaza and demand an end to the starvation and siege imposed on the region. They want to show their support for the Palestinians who have been suffering from war for months.
  • Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamic party, organized a march in Tunis to support the people of Gaza after Friday prayers.
  • In Diraz, northwest of Bahrain, a popular demonstration took place to show support for Palestine and Gaza. The protesters demanded an end to the war and an end to starving the residents of Gaza.