How Western Media Sinisterly Plotted Pinning “Hams” for “Israeli” Attrocities!

By Muhammad Jamal Arafa March 18, 2024 109

Within the Zionist Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are two units dedicated to propagating and spreading false propaganda in the global media: the “Digital Department” and the “Arabic Media Bureau.” Additionally, several Zionist intelligence agencies manage digital committees.

“Media Line” on November 30, 2023, and “Jerusalem Post” on December 2, 2023, have shed light on a side of these digital committees under the titles “The Keyboard Warriors,” aka (The Zionist Fakers), and “Israeli Digital Diplomacy.”

Following “Hamas'” attack on “Israel” during the “Al-Aqsa Flood,” “Israel” mobilized these propaganda departments to spread a series of lies depicting the horrors allegedly committed by “Hamas,” justifying the ongoing genocide in Gaza. They focused on two major lies: claims of sexual violence and rape in addition to murder and dismemberment of children, attributing these acts to “Hamas” on October 7th.

These fabrications were leaked to American and European newspapers, which expanded their circulation without any evidence or testimony of an “Israeli” woman being raped or an “Israeli” child's body being found!

It's ironic that Western newspapers, which claim professionalism and neutrality and supposedly refuse to publish reports without evidence, got involved in spreading these allegations, revealing their double standards. The spreading of these lies has no relation to the truth whatsoever and serves political agendas, demonizing “Hamas” and justifying the killing and starving of children, women, and elders in Gaza.

Despite American newspapers exposing these lies, notably the investigative website “Intercept,” and some newspapers like “The New York Times” retracting their reports on the matter after being exposed, even “Israeli” newspapers denied any cases of rape or sexual violence against Zionist prisoners. The U.S. presidency apologized for promoting these lies after their scandal was revealed, yet the same lies continue to be used.


Who Implicated the United Nations?

Finally, after the truth emerged and these were mere lies to demonize and tarnish the resistance, it was surprising that Pramila Patten, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, became involved. She issued a report on March 4, 2024, relying on all these baseless lies, which the occupation eagerly embraced, claiming it as an international document confirming these lies!

She alleged in her report the occurrence of rape and sexual violence by “Hamas” fighters against “Israeli” women during the “Al-Aqsa Flood” battle! This confirms the manipulation of Zionist propaganda offices and Western media over the United Nations to the extent of issuing a report condemning the resistance.

What's even more bizarre is that this UN statement, based on “Israeli” and Western lies, was promoted, while in contrast, the report by UN rapporteurs on the compelling evidence of horrific violations against Palestinian women and girls by Zionist occupation forces was ignored.

This is why Pramila Patten faced criticism from journalists after it was revealed that her report lacked victims or evidence! Especially since she admitted to sourcing information from 33 meetings with “Israeli” institutions, ministries' officials, and Zionist security forces, as well as visits to military bases. She wrote, “The mission was not able to meet with any victims of sexual violence on October 7th, despite our efforts.” Yet, she claimed in a report that there were cases of sexual violence! She stated that she was gathering information about sexual violence and mass rape that occurred at the “Israeli” Nova Dance and Music Festival, Road 232, and Re'im Ba'ir. However, she has no information about who committed the sexual violence, which is known to occur among Zionists at such events. Nonetheless, the accusation was fabricated against “Hamas” fighters by Zionist propaganda to demonize the movement's soldiers.

Funny that one journalist embarrassed the UN official who claimed that rape occurred at her press conference, saying, “If this wasn’t an investigation, how does your report differ from “The New York Times” article?” This was a false report by the newspaper that was exposed for fabricating it.

Another journalist embarrassed her by asking why she didn't meet released “Israeli” prisoners who had received good treatment from the resistance and confirmed it, denying any violence towards them. She simply said, “I believe what the people I interviewed said was very convincing,” indicating that she fell victim to Zionist and Western propaganda, repeating fabricated reports submitted to her without conducting any real investigation while, intentionally or ignorantly, participating in promoting these lies.


“Hamas”: Where is the evidence?

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) condemned the report issued by UN official Pramila Patten regarding the allegations of rape and sexual violence committed by Palestinian resistance fighters during the “Al-Aqsa Flood” on October 7th.

The movement stated that Patton's report came after failed Zionist attempts to prove these false accusations, which are confirmed to be baseless, only aiming at demonizing Palestinian resistance and covering up the UN rapporteurs' report on compelling evidence of crimes against Palestinian women and girls by Zionist occupation forces.

“Hamas” asserted that Patton's report did not document any testimony of what she claims as “victims” of those incidents, relying instead on “Israeli” institutions, soldiers, and witnesses chosen by the occupation authorities to push towards proving these false charges, which have been refuted by all international investigations and reports.

“Hamas” emphasized that Patton's allegations clearly contradict the testimonies of “Israeli” women about the good treatment they received from the resistance, as well as the testimonies of released “Israeli” female prisoners who confirmed receiving good treatment during their captivity in Gaza.


Subjecting the United Nations

It seems that the UN official’s report on allegations of sexual violence by “Hamas” fighters is part of “Israel's” expanding campaign against the United Nations. It started with criticizing the UN's condemnation of occupation crimes and ended with pressuring it to fabricate this report.

This Zionist campaign relies more on propaganda than evidence, which is why “Israel” was irritated when the UN Secretary-General debunked this report issued by Pramila Patten for its lack of credibility. This caused “Israeli” Foreign Minister Katz, who strongly promoted the rape report, to attack him.


Exposing the Lies

The American website “Intercept” exposed, in an extensive investigation on February 28, 2024, how the issue of the rape of “Israeli” women was fabricated, unlike “The New York Times” report.

The website clarified that “The New York Times” commissioned the former “Israeli” Air Force intelligence officer and filmmaker, Anat Schwartz, to work with her nephew, Adam Cella, and the veteran correspondent of “The New York Times,” Jeffrey Gettleman, on an investigation into the allegations of sexual violence committed by “Hamas,” but it turned out to be all lies!

The American website “Intercept” published another report containing an “Israeli” denial of any cases of sexual violence by “Hamas” fighters against “Israeli” women, quoting the denial of the Kibbutz Be'eri spokesperson, a settlement nearby Gaza, which refuted what “The New York Times” claimed on December 28, 2023, under the headline “Screams Without Words.”

The website denied the newspaper's claim that two victims were subjected to any sexual assault, as no assault had even occurred at all!

The summary of the “Intercept” report was that American newspapers published a monstrous lie about “Hamas” raping “Israeli” women, which made the whole world turn against Gaza, alongside the fabricated story of burning and dismembering 40 “Israeli” babies, all of which are baseless lies, not even a single one confirming them. There are no police reports of rape or child burning, no rape hotlines, no hospital reports, no forensic analysis, and no victim testimonies!

“Intercept” affirmed that everything published by American newspapers without exception, based on testimonies from “Israeli” soldiers or their supporters, is baseless and fabricated, and perhaps the goal is to tarnish the image of the resistance specifically and Arabs in general, portraying them as rapists.


Fabricating a Rape Report, Then Retracting It!

In a third report published by the investigative American website “Intercept” on January 28, 2024, it criticized “The New York Times” for fabricating a story by its Pulitzer’s award-winning journalist Jeffrey Gettleman, alleging that “Hamas” systematically used sexual violence as a weapon in the war, raping “Israeli” women during the attacks on October 7.

“Intercept” revealed that the renowned American newspaper, which witnessed American protestors for its bias in media coverage against Palestinians and its support for Zionist genocide in Gaza, was forced to retract the publication. There were heated arguments among its journalists through internal communication channels and insults exchanged among them due to this fabrication, which would have been a major scandal for the newspaper.

It stated: The episode of “Podcast” by “The New York Times” that was scheduled for publication but later canceled was supposed to address allegations of sexual violence committed by “Hamas” on October 7, but an internal dispute over the fabrication erupted, leading to its non-publication.

Furthermore, there is not a single piece of evidence, and not a single “Israeli” came forward to testify. Also, a report by the investigative website “New Zone” debunked these lies, stating that they are just part of other fabrications, such as allegations of “Hamas” burning and killing Israeli children.

“Intercept” confirmed that “The New York Times” issued a decision to cancel the publication of the story after internal concerns about committing a “journalistic disaster” due to fundamental inconsistencies in the narrative presented in the article.

On December 28, 2023, “The New York Times” published a lengthy report about allegations of the Palestinian resistance's reliance on sexual violence and its systematic use as a weapon against civilians in the October 7th attack.

The report stirred up turmoil within the corridors of “The New York Times” itself and among its employees, as they criticized the indulgence in applying editorial standards to a report addressing such a sensitive subject, according to sources from the newspaper to “The Intercept.”

“The New York Times” is facing criticism for exercising severe bias in its coverage of the war by relying on “pro-Israel” sources only, with Americans protesting against its biased coverage in favor of the occupation.

Since October 7th, the newspaper has relied on “Israeli” military sources while downplaying the extent of death and destruction in Palestine.

An analysis conducted by “The Intercept” found that in the first six weeks of the war, “The New York Times,” along with many other major newspapers, consistently delegitimized Palestinian deaths and exhibited severe bias in coverage by relying on sources and voices only supportive of “Israel.”



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