Israeli Media: Palestinian Intel Director Forms Armed Police in Southern Gaza Featured

By Gamal Khattab March 13, 2024 142

Building an Armed Force

Israeli Channel 14 reported that Palestinian Intelligence Director Majid Faraj is working on building an armed force in the southern Gaza Strip.

The force being built by Faraj consists of families who do not support the Hamas movement and will distribute aid from the south of the Gaza Strip to its north.

Israeli Involvement

Security Council President Tzachi Hanegbi recently met with Faraj, with the approval of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Defense Minister Yoav Galant proposed that Faraj take over the administration of the Gaza Strip temporarily after the war.

Alternative to Hamas

Israel is considering using the head of Palestinian intelligence to build an alternative to Hamas after the war. The proposal suggests that Faraj will take over the administration of Gaza with the help of non-Hamas figures.

Support and Concerns

Opposition leader Yair Lapid expressed support for working with Faraj, citing his cooperation against Hamas. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing Israel's security in decision-making.

Security and Cooperation

Lapid stated that working with the Palestinian Authority on security matters is possible and necessary for ensuring Israel's safety. He highlighted the need to focus on combating terrorism while maintaining security.

Majid Faraj's Profile

Majid Faraj, aged 61, is a prominent security figure in the Palestinian Authority with close ties to President Mahmoud Abbas. He has strong relationships with senior Israeli security officials and collaborates with various intelligence agencies.

Washington's Involvement

Leaked information suggests that Washington is urging Tel Aviv to present a plan for managing Gaza post-war.

Source: Al Jazeera