"Palestine In The Heart” Adorns The Largest Egyptian Ramadan Lantern Featured


Imagine a huge wooden lantern, over 6 meters in size, hanging in the Barajeel area of Egypt. This lantern is not just any decoration - it carries a special message. The phrase “Palestine in the Heart” is proudly displayed on the sides of the lantern, symbolizing solidarity and support for Palestine.

A Long-Standing Tradition

For about 40 years, the people of the Barajeel area have been coming together to create the largest lantern in Egypt to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. This lantern is a labor of love, crafted by carpenters, engravers, blacksmiths, electricians, and glass workers from the local community.

Community Celebration

This year, the hanging of the lantern in the Barajeel area was a festive event. Children danced and sang Ramadan songs around the lantern, creating a joyful atmosphere. It was a moment of unity and joy for the neighborhood.

Symbol of Hope

While the tradition of lantern-making in Egypt dates back to the Fatimid era, this year’s lantern holds special significance. It coincided with a devastating Israeli aggression on Gaza, reminding people of the importance of standing in solidarity with brothers in Gaza.

Spread of Tradition

Throughout Egypt, during the month of Ramadan, you can see lanterns and decorations adorning streets, parks, and public places. It is a beautiful tradition that brings communities together and spreads joy during this special time of year.

Last modified on Sunday, 17 March 2024 10:58