George Galloway: The Palestine Voice in Britain

By Gamal Khattab March 04, 2024 2433

Who is George Galloway?

George Galloway is a British politician who was born in 1954. He is known for being a strong advocate against war, colonialism, and Zionism. Galloway represents the Rochdale constituency in the British Parliament and is a vocal supporter of the Palestinian cause.

He was one of the first Western politicians to visit the Gaza Strip after a siege in 2007. Galloway is also a writer and media personality, discussing important global issues in his books and programs.

Early Life

George Galloway was born in Dundee, Scotland, to a working-class family in 1954. His mother's family were Irish immigrants who supported Irish Republicans, while his father's family were Scottish farmers and trade union activists.

Galloway joined the British Labor Party at the age of 13 and became involved in the Labor movement. He did not attend university and left school at 17. In 1981, he became the Chairman of the Labor Party in Scotland.

Political Career

Support for Palestine

During the 1970s, Galloway met with Palestinian students and leaders, including Yasser Arafat. He became a strong supporter of the Palestinian cause and visited Beirut to understand the plight of Palestinians.

He was elected to Parliament in 1987 and later formed the Respect Party in opposition to the Iraq War. Galloway continued to advocate for Palestine throughout his political career.

Political and Literary Achievements

George Galloway has made significant contributions to political and humanitarian causes:

Founded the Union of Friends of Palestine in 1980

Opposed the Gulf War in 1990

Received awards for his efforts in democracy and humanitarian aid

Founded organizations to support Iraq and Palestine

In addition to his political work, Galloway has written books, presented radio and television programs, and raised funds for humanitarian aid through the Long Live Palestine charity.


Despite facing challenges and criticism, George Galloway remains committed to his beliefs and continues to advocate for causes he is passionate about. He has run for various political positions and won elections, demonstrating his dedication to serving his constituents and supporting important issues like Palestine.

Galloway's unwavering support for Palestine has made him a controversial figure in British politics, but he remains a strong voice for those who are oppressed and marginalized.