Thousands of Israelis Call for Netanyahu's Resignation and Prisoner Release in Gaza

By Gamal Khattab February 18, 2024 1126

Protests Across Israel

Over the weekend, thousands of Israelis took to the streets in various cities to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government, early elections, and the release of prisoners held in Gaza. Police even arrested four demonstrators outside Netanyahu's house.

 Demanding Action

Protesters in Tel Aviv blocked the street to the Ministry of Defense, urging Netanyahu to make a deal with Hamas for a prisoner exchange. Demonstrations also took place in Kaplan Square, with surrounding streets closed off.

Police Threats

Authorities warned of using force and making arrests if the streets in Tel Aviv remained closed. Families of the prisoners in Gaza also protested outside the Ministry of Defense headquarters.

Arrests Made

In Caesarea, four people were arrested during a demonstration in front of Netanyahu's house. The families of the prisoners criticized Netanyahu for not prioritizing their loved ones' release.

High Stakes

Israeli Coordinator for Prisoners and Missing Persons Affairs, Gal Hirsch, called Hamas' demands for a hostage deal "an illusion." He stated that while Israel is willing to pay a high price for the hostages' return, it will not end the conflict with Hamas.

Hirsch expressed concerns about the disconnect between Hamas political officials negotiating the deal and those on the ground in Gaza. Despite the ongoing war, Israel is eager to reach an agreement and bring the PWOs home.

Source:  agencies